#OOTD casual rest day

Hello Sweet Peas,

Ah so today was a truly needed rest day, which has to my surprise been a fab way to start my week. I woke with some light yoga (secretly a meditating freak) and had the biggest breakfast as per usual because who dislikes breakfast?!? If you do, I really don’t trust you.

Today me and mumma headed out to pick up her gorgeous new car, so I threw together a quick casual comfy outfit.

20140901-033921 pm-56361097.jpg

Shirt- New look
Jeans- TopShop Levi’s
Shoes- white leather converse

May I add I purchased the white leather converse the other day from Office and my god, is it possible to be in love with a pair of shoes? Despite the fact I must say that to every pair of converse I buy…

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


TopShop is my weakness

Hello Sweet Peas,

I’m a shopping addict. Yes, you already know that and judging by that first line you’ll know I’ve got a cheeky little haul on the way for you and of course by the title I bought the cutest outfit from good old Top Shop (with a splash of Primark of course, I mean who can resist?)









  • Top – TopShop £10
  • Jeans – TopShop Leigh Jeans £38
  • Scarf – Primark £4
  • Rings – Primark £2/3

My my my, I literally adore this outfit and got home completely satisfied. I started out my day basically demanding and avoiding the whole of TopShop (Willpower women!…) because I knew my wardrobe was crying for new jeans and of course I’m loving the ripped knee craze at the moment – so I gave in.

I am one for personal style and I go with what I like and what perceives me and I like to reflect who I am through my fashion an awful lot (a blog post soon to come about that) however ripped jeans has always been a favorite of mine, so hey we shall go with that.

After being extremely indecisive on color, I tried these on and my god absolutely loved them, I would high recommended TopShop Leigh jeans to anyone as they always fit perfectly and I find our the comfiest.  And of course when trying on I needed a top to try, so I picked up this one not really thinking twice about it yet when I tried it I basically couldn’t say no. It’s light, comfy and perfect for the end of Summer up coming Autumn season, I also loved the grey as it’s a colour I don’t usually go for but I think a new season indicates a bit of a change. £10 is a tad on the pricey side but so worth it I say, so I shall most certainly be having a cheeky purchase on the other colours. Plus the top worked really well with the jeans, there was no questioning to it…

After resisting allowing myself to broke in the wonders of TopShop as I promised I was only going for the jeans… I headed to to many other shops crying at prices but then couldn’t help but make a little purchase in Primark (I mean I can stretch to that right?… Haha) With Autumn coming up (Yes, I plan ahead in the fashion world… ooppsie) I’m quite liking the idea of patterned scarfs and black leather jackets because who doesn’t love a leather jacket? They’re like my life saver to polish off an outfit. Well, to my luck Primark were literally scarf galore! And this one straight away caught my eye because of the turquoise, as I had only just picked up the rings that quite wonderfully match and finish off the whole outfit. Then I was completely satisfied because rather than buying load of bits I wanted but didn’t need, I’d put together and outfit, in which I can tweak as I please.

I’m loving the whole new season ranges coming in this year for Autumn, the colours seem to be straight forward, whites, greys, blacks and burgundy’s which suit me completely, so I’m really looking forward to having a play around with some outfits. Then I’ll be ready for summer all over again..

So I was a very satisfied Hollie!

Next on my long list is a light Autumn jacket/coat and boots! If I buy anything before that slap my wrists, haha.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx



The beach is my second home

Hello sweet peas,

I’m here to share another one of my lovely family days out with you and to the place I consider home (I’ve always aspired to be a mermaid, secretly) yes you guessed, the beach!

Anywhere where there is sand and a calming sea to satisfy all my thoughts away pleases me greatly.



Me, mumma, Ella, Nana and my uncle all decided a family day out to chill out at the beach was needed, as we are all indeed great lovers of the sunshine. We don’t live too far away luckily, so after only a 1 and half hour drive we finally arrived and quite quickly set up for a wonderful lazy day with a beautifully clear sky and sea. I’m also the worlds biggest book worm so of course I had to bring a fabby read with me, I bought “One Day”, I’ve just started reading this book as I absolutely adored the film. It is taking me a bit to get into but so far I’m actually really enjoying getting to read and experience parts they couldn’t show in the film.


I also loved spending time with my little sister because oh boy the busy life of that one 12 year old astonishes me. I never ever see her anymore. Never the less we shall always be incredibly close and it was such a lovely thing to be able to have a catch up and a good old sing on the way (me and my sister jamming to frozen is always one of my happiest things in life) I actually love being able to watch my sister grow into a young woman and I cherish in being her older sister, in hoping she looks up to me, that would be wonderful.




The ability just to escape reality and enjoy a day away from the daily tasks and aspects of life is so great when you spend the day with your toes in the sand. “Life at the beach it better” as I always say, almost as if looking right down at the sea beyond all them miles – you’re free.



I also conquered one of my biggest fears that day and felt extreme achievements – for the first time in 3 years I faced having an ice cream and out in public. It was most certainly one of the scariest things I’ve done, yet another step forward to a happier and healthier life. I don’t want to be deprived from the tiniest pleasures in life and I’m working on it. It just takes a hell lot of will power and determination with a dash of stubbornness – and if you know me you shall be very aware or my stubbornness…



Happiness is so much more important than stresses, worries and fears in life and I want you all to remember this, day in day out.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


The inner writer- 10 days of writing 4

Hello sweet peas,

Seriously jumping in the deep end with today’s topic, ooo, be warned…

History – What stories do you know about your family? What do you admire about them? What do you want your grandchildren to remember about you?  What do you want to be known for when you leave the world?

I told you right? so sit back and enjoy me blabbering on.

I had to insert a good old Disney quote, sorry

I had to insert a good old Disney quote, sorry

I know endless stories about my Nana and Grandad, I think that’s something we all love, sitting back and listening to the ‘good old days’, the memories and of course the wonderful story of ‘how they met’. I’ve heard about my Granddad’s great old tricks at school multiple times, yet they never fail to make me smile – the old blowing up a toad in the teachers fireplace is always a good one to tell. I want to jump straight into why I’m admired by them. They remind me of the realities of life and what it means to truly care about someone, I’ll forever treasure that.

Half the time I’m in stitches over them winding each other up, my Nana claiming my Granddad hasn’t done something or my Granddad’s constant ‘just make a list’ before Nana leave the house. And of course my all time favorite, the fact half the time they both can’t even bloody hear each other. Yet if you observe closely, you notice how my Grandad never fails to remind me what a wonderful woman she is or how they both constantly sing with each other around the kitchen and how my Grandad is forever making sure my Nana is okay and happy. What amazes me is they’ve known each other since they were 16, had three children, been to hell and back and are yet still striving. Still loving one another, still laughing at the same jokes, still dancing the same old jives. They represent to me what it is to be happy with someone. What it’s like to know someone inside and out, their awful points and their most brilliant points, yet still strive everyday only to end it with knowing you aren’t alone. I don’t intend this in the soppiest way in that it sounds, only the fact I see them like true companions and what living with someone should be like. Not perfect but satisfying, for yourself and the people around you.

That brings me to my next point – my own grandchildren (well I hope I have them, and can hope they like me… haha) Another reason I admire my Nana is with how determined and strong that woman is towards literally everything that is thrown at her in life. I look up to her so much and live each day hoping that just some day my own grandchildren will see me in this way. Plus I hope to be as fit and full of life by this time also, as my Nana still goes to the gym everyday without fail… yeah bet you feel lazy now 😉

I love this next question – What do you want to be remembered for when you leave the world? Now, you know me I’m an extremely huge believer in going for what you want despite what anyone else thinks or says about it. I want to write for the world and around the world and trust me I’m a stubborn bugger and won’t stop until I reach that. I want to be known for my writing. I want people to always remember that, that was something I loved to do most. I guess that’s the big picture of it all, yet even if I just ouch and inspire one person somewhere in remembering me I’ll be satisfied because I can surely say I still did it.


Independence is another big factor I’d hope people know me for. I want to be known as someone who can strive and survive on their own. Not be alone because who wants that? but to know that “Yes I can bloody do this, I can do whatever the hell I like” because it most usually attracts the world around you. It’s confidence, I want to be known for this.


However in a smaller light, I’d hope the people around me; family and friends come to remember me in the smallest of details – smiles and laughs and all the stupid things I’m bound to do, haha. I’d like to be remembered in the best ways possible, then again don’t we all?

I believe every human should make history in some way or another, whether that’s within your little family, towards a close friend or proving something to the whole entire world. You’re not here living, breathing and gaining chances for very long and you have a story to make. So as my favorite doctor Matt Smith once said “make it a good one”

Speak soon,

Holl xxx

The inner writer – 10 days of writing 3

Hello sweet peas,

I’ve made day three, (round of applause? I think so)

I like day three, as I’m one of them strange people in life who get attached to the silliest, simplest of things, so here you go..

Possessions – What is your most prized possession? Why do you value it? How did you come across it? 

To be honest I actually have quite a few of these, I mean don’t we all? These little things around us – big or small, that when we stop and realize, we establish they actually mean the world to us. I never believe it to be wrong, if it makes you happy I’m all the more for it- with even the silliest of things from something down to treasuring a bloody fork…. Okay maybe that does sound slightly abnormal but hey you get my point.

Anyway I’ll stop my blabbering; I’ll give you a few of mine;

My first and most important is a hippo soft toy I’ve had for god knows how long and yes ironically he is called ‘Hippo’ (I was a creative child, honest!) We all get attached to a teddy at least once in our lives (admit it) but we grow and it most likely gets thrown to the bottom of the car boot sale box buckled up for his departure. Yet as sad as it sounds, I’ve never once been able to bring myself to part from the little fella, and most likely never will. He has been here there and flaming everywhere. Every holiday, trip, car journey, hospital visit, operation, illness and sleepless night (I’m a huge kid, shush) he’s also heard every secret, problem and worry and if he could actually hear…. He’d be gobsmacked, haha. He holds a lot of memories and happy times for me, which is always nice to recall and know he holds all them little gritty bits. Obviously I’m not as obsessed with him as I used to be, yet I know I still couldn’t go on holiday without popping him in my suitcase. I mustn’t be the only one still prizing a soft toy like this…. Surely!

I also have a weird attachment to bracelets and ankle bracelets and it got that bad that when my favorite one snapped I burst to tears. God knows why! I think I just got so used to them being there, they became a comfort which I guess felt safe. They also show places I’ve been and things I’ve seen, collecting them from around the world, they act like a human memory box. Us humans have funny way of working, don’t we eh?

I do apologize but I’m going to point out the obvious with this one and claim my bed because god I love that place! Don’t we all? Yet recently I literally treasure that place as if my life depended on it. Every night for the past week I have reluctantly collapsed into bed and admired falling into the pillow and within five minutes I’m gone. At least that’s one good thing in my life, ey, I’m a great sleeper.

The last thing I most certainly have a bizarre attachment to and possess over is actually a song. If you know me you’ll know that I’m the biggest Marina and the Diamonds fan, I seriously adore that woman and her music and she holds my one of my favorite songs of all time – Lies. When I saw her perform this song live it had me done, I was in sobs, purely because I love it so much and ever since it’s always felt like my song. I’ve never even properly related to it, I just feel so attached to it and god knows why however I do tend to feel like that towards plenty other of her wonderful creations, such as Obsessions and Power and Control. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can love her of course, but they are my songs okay? 😉 haha.

Most certainly a night I want to re-live

Most certainly a night I want to re-live

So there you go some of my weird and wonderful possessions and values in life but hey they make me happy! What are some of yours? Are they just as weird and wonderful? I’d love to know!

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


The inner writer – 10 days of writing 2

Okay, I know I’ve already failed at sticking to ’10 days’ but hey I’ll never change (I’m working on it okay ;-)) The past few days I haven’t even had a minute to sit down and blog never mind begin to think of what to create beneath my fingertips.

Never the less, I feel today’s little topic suits the day far better, it’s mumma’s birthday! Wahey!


Happiness – What is your own secret for happiness? What one word would you use to describe in how to be truly happy?

I think this topic can be extremely blown out of proportion, we all answer in similar ways and along extremely unoriginal lines. We’ll claim the obvious – family, friends, love, shopping, eating, running, dancing and so on – I mean of course these things are there to supply us with happiness yet despite the joy they bring us we continuously take them for granted. Doesn’t that kind of give the idea of happiness a hint of false hope?

My secret for happiness? Don’t try, which probably sounds extremely weird but yes you heard – don’t try. Trying to be happy will lead you nowhere because honestly, if you are having to try at the start, you mustn’t be truly happy at all. I believe in time happiness will come at it’s own pace and one day you’ll stop for a second and realize that you’re no longer worrying about the job interview coming up or don’t seem to have the slightly ounce of care about what the girl sat opposite thinks of you. That’s happiness, when you can let go, let go and not even try because you already are.

Of course, I have to follow the crowd and with today being Mumma’s birthday, I want to state how bloody happy that woman makes me. I cannot even express how much I treasure her and days like today, again we are off to Nana’s for a ‘Birthday BBQ’ (however of course the great British weather has lead us to the classic indoor BBQ, great) Never the less our little family get together always puts a huge smile on my face. They allow me to be truly happy and I believe when we all come together the buzz always creates a warm happiness, well when my sister isn’t being the moodiest creature to walk the Earth (oh the joys of 12 year olds)

I guess when it comes down the it, each and every one of us interpret happiness in each and every possible way but that’s what makes it so wonderful. If something makes you happy in which you truly believe, never let anyone stand in the way of that.

And if you find yourself not so happy today, think of all the reasons you should be rather than not, put a smile upon your face and I swear it can work miracles.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx

Power in your hands

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about control recently. Control over little day to day things, control over myself, my actions and thoughts, and control over my own life and how really we can actually make it what we aspire.

For a long time I’ve grasped on so tightly to the fact that for the past 6 years of my life I’ve had no control over all of the life changing things that have happened – some bad and of course some good. Yet they’ve influenced me in so many way that from time to time I really wish they hadn’t. Throughout recovering from an eating disorder, I’ve come to realize that the whole aspect of it is based around control, and with myself it portrays my frustration in the lack power I’ve had over the years. My eating disorder and food is the only thing I think I have control towards, so I dropped into it completely as a comfort in making me feel whole.

This is why I wanted to share this quote with you because I absolutely love it. ‘You were never in control anyway’ and guess what? that’s perfectly okay! I once loved the evil sense of control but don’t be fooled because that quite frankly turned into yet another thing I lost control of. Meaning it’s time to let go and to sit back and accept that these things happen throughout life beyond what we wish – and that’s perfectly okay. I now always keep in mind that now matter what struggles I’m being faced or daunting changes I cannot determine face me, that very soon some brilliant, fabulous and exciting new experience will conquer me.

As I’ve begun to move on, I’ve also realized the lack of people in which I depend and turn to because guess what? I’m surviving on my own. The power is finally in my hands and I have the whole entire world to explore and conquer.

It’s good to be positive right? Have a fabulous day.

Speak soon,

Holl xx

On the route to happiness

Hello sweet pea’s,

Guess who’s been a busy bee? Me! For the past week or so I literally have not stopped. I’ve been here there and everywhere and quite literally when I decided to miss my train stop and end up in London Huston (taking in account I live in the North West.. oppssie) Anyway putting that aside it’s actually been a really wonderful and positive looking week, the buissness has had less of that draining dread and more of a optical buzz. A very busy bee has also created and extremely happy Hollie! So, of course I’m going to fill you in, lucky you 😉 (but grab a cuppa, this could take a while)

First was fathers day, I’m not usually the biggest fan of mothers and fathers days, whether that’s just because my and mum like to spend time and treat each other regularly I don’t know. Although this year due to the weather claiming to be the tiniest bit summery, me, mumma and my little sister all headed for a yummy BBQ at my Nana’s and Grandads. Yet British weather being it’s usual indecisiveness self decided to supply us with wind, rain and cloud (did I mention how much this depresses me?) however we still managed by having a fabby ‘inside BBQ’ (good old Nana to the rescue, ey?)

I loved spending the day with my grandad, as he is actually a huge idol and inspiration to me. He’s the type of man that will keep himself to himself but observe and fully care about everyone. If something is important and needed to be said he will say it and tell you, yet if it doesn’t he will keep out of it and stay quiet. This is why over the past year or so his words have really helped me more that most because whenever he has valued me with his opinion, I have known it’s 100% true. Anyway, despite the overall soppy side to me a grandad, we actually spent most of the night singing because we both love it way too much. Even if we did drive the whole house mad…. opsie, haha.

20140623-014358 pm.jpg


20140623-020146 pm.jpg

The next thing coming up on the Hollie calendar was one of my best friends birthdays and of course me being the most wonderful friend that I am, had to plan a surprise and treat her a little. It turned out quite a success as I got together a few of our closest friends and had a cheeky little get together, which was nice just to spend some time together, as it doesn’t happen that often. She actually really enjoyed it and to know that was the most comforting thing in the world.

20140623-014502 pm.jpg

20140623-015435 pm.jpg

Luckily I can easily escape a hangover, so there was no issue in carrying on my fabby week 😉

The weekend hit and I then took a trip the Manchester to meet some lovely girls Clare, Issy, Daisy, Daisy, Sally, Olivia and Ellie, whom I’ve been wanting to meet for quite a while. So seen as the sun was shining and it was a wonderful day we decided to meet up for a spot of lunch and a shop (of course) in which I bought the prettiest skirt from urban outfitters. It’s was £30 reduced to £10, how could I not? See 😉 I can honestly say they are the friendliest and most perfect girls to spend the day with and talking with them made me incredibly happy and was the most comfortable I’ve felt in a long time. Plus I had Fro-Yo for the first time ever, and I swear I can’t believe I’ve never tried it, where have you been all my life?20140623-014627 pm.jpg

20140623-015351 pm.jpg

20140623-014554 pm.jpg

Meeting all these girls was wonderful and meeting my little Ellie who I feel like I’ve known forever, I can honestly say she has opened my eyes up to so much positivity and possibilities in life. I really didn’t want to leave and cannot wait to see her again. She is truly a friend I’ll treasure forever. Plus our photos were super cute, sorry.

20140623-014531 pm.jpg

20140623-015343 pm.jpg

These small things over the past week I’ve realized have actually been massive, as I think we forget through life to stop and value the people around us. I know I know, that’s a very vague and common thing to state, yet I believe it’s true. These people in my life bring me so much joy and happiness and that’s the most natural and satisfying treatment of them all.

I then ended my week with the most fantastic run and yummy healthy, yes healthy pancake breakfast, (the recipe shall be up soon ;-)) as the sun was then shining and the weather was marvelous, it was like the week was made for me.


20140623-014511 pm.jpg

20140623-014519 pm.jpg

And lastly (yes I swear I’m finishing my blabbering soon) I want to mention another little diamond in my life at the moment, Tiny Tim! And yes don’t be deceived by the ‘tiny’ because he is actually a guinea pig and not a hamster 😉 I think I mentioned in an older post that our guinea pigs had supplied us with a whole family of baba guinea pigs. I can honestly say it’s been the most hectic few weeks looking after them and more so my little Tiny Tim as we were in complete worry he wasn’t going to make it. He was unbelievably small and really struggled to gain any weight however he has now luckily started eating and gaining weight! He completely my good luck charm and I swear he was brought into this world for us to fight together.


20140623-014538 pm.jpg


So that’s it, as you can see every thing has been tip top and I hope this has supplied you with any sort of motivation to get up and do because trust me it’s such a refreshing feeling.

What have you guys been up to?

Speak soon,

Holl xx







A Naughty Trip to the Benefit Counter…

Give me a credit card and a Benefit counter and I’m like a little kid in a toy shop – it’s my ultimate weakness. Opps.20140613-060829-pm.jpg


I’ve never been the ‘girly’ type (honest..) however I’m coming to admit I’m quite frankly the biggest girl when it come to shopping for clothes.. and make-up….and facial products…..and home ware…. damn. And it seems to just be getting worse, but hey! I have no shame. So today when the sun was shining and shopping was on the cards, I was the ultimate happy Hollie and of course the worlds biggest girl.

Well, my day actually started wonderfully when a cheeky Top Shop order arrived to my door, finally (I’m the worlds worst in waiting for orders)




If It is possible to fall in love with an item of clothing I think I might have because this skirt is BEA-U-tiful! I was extremely indecisive when ordering this, as I do like to see products I’m unsure of and it’s also way way out of the ‘Hollie comfort zone’. But I thought what the heck. I bought it and I couldn’t be happier. It’s incredibly comfy and gorgeous mint green and reasonably priced (I think the electric blue one is needed to be ordered…)

Okay so obviously then the shopping happened and as I said Hollie with a benefit counter is like a drastic party waiting to happen. I adore benefit makeup and literally all of their ranges, I use all of their skin care products, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, eye creams, bronzer ect. (You get the point) It works so well on my skin due to my awful pores and oily t-zones and is brilliant quality, so yes despite it being pricey it’s completely worth it, as it also lasts at least 6 months. Constantly buying new make-up gets boring and probably costs twice as much, so yep it’s fab for me.

I new I needed a new foundation and benefit’s foundation is literally the only foundation that sits on my face all day and doesn’t cause a completely overload of the ‘oily/shiny look’ – it’s basically a godsend. I usually go for the ‘hello flawless oxygen wow’ foundation in ivory however with summer coming up and my love for BB creams I discovered one of their newest products – ‘Big Easy’

After having a lovely chat with the man on the counter and trying all the different shades, I decided it was completely the best option, so I’m super excited to try this out. New products galore!


I then went onto buy my two usual products the ‘BAD gal lash’ mascara, the  ‘Brow rings’ eye brow kit and the Fake-up’ concealer   . Yes, they are quite pricey but are brilliant quality and work wonders, they also last so so long which is a massive convenience. These three are my ultimate favorite benefit products and if you know me, you shall know my eyebrows are my top priority (I spend about 20 minutes on them.. no joke…) Some this kit is like basically my other half… yep.




Okay, so I completely suck when it comes to making my eyes have any slight bit of decency, I usually stick to the old eyeliner and mascara and have it done with. It actually seems like forever that I’ve been trying to figure out some sort of way to may eye shadow, creams or what not actually work. So for the 100th time I bought yet another lil eye kit however I actually like the look of this one, it’s a new range (so obviously I had to try it out…..)



Because I’m such a fabulous customer the fab man at the counter gave me a lil free-bee and gift wrapped all my things, which was super nice.


So it was a good old day in the life of Hollie today, now completely broke, and I also splashed out on an awful lot of tea…oppss.


Ah well, all need to treat ourselves right?

Speak soon,

Holl xx

A Murder Mystery – MouseTrap


I love the theater! I always have done from being as young as I can remember (I’m a literature freak, common of course I do!)  I love the atmosphere and the experience of watching someone acted so wonderfully right before you. It supplies you with a much warmer feeling than attending the cinema or slouching on your couch in front of you poxy screen at home. The lights, the action and the impression in leaves is completely extra ordinary.

As I am seeming to have more and more time on my hands recently, there was no doubt in my mind when my Nana asked if I’d like to go to the theater to watch Mouse Trap 60th anniversary tour, with her on Tuesday night (Plus I’m the only one in the family that even would…Haha). The night turned out fabulous and it was so nice just to spend time out and genuinely enjoying something within humanity. Even if we did spend half an hour people watching and laughing at them.. opps (Granddaughter like Nana ey ;-))



20140612-111346 am.jpgAnyway on to the play, if you didn’t know Mouse Trap is a murder mystery and is currently on it’s 62nd year with over 250,000 acted shows. It’s the longest running stage show in history and needed to see it. I actually had never read the book before I went so I was slightly doubted into what to expect, yet it was wonderful. The acting was brilliant, the cast were fantastic and the telling of the story was so well done.

20140612-111357 am.jpg

The Mousetrap on Tour

Unfortunately pictures obviously weren’t aloud to be taken throughout the play however I was that hooked into it I don’t think I’d even wanted to. It wasn’t even till half time that I realized my bum had gone completely numb and I’d polished off my drink…opps..

I’d love to express to you the murderer and tell you how it ended but I wouldn’t want to spoil it, (plus I’m drawn the secrecy ;-)) however it was completely unexpected and really finished the play off perfectly.

If you really want to know you shall have to find out yourself… trust me, you wouldn’t regret it!

20140612-111406 am.jpg

The night was so so good and me an Nana have decided more theater trips are needed – I think The Woman In Black is next on the list ooo.

I also loved what I was wearing, so here’s a little OOTD, kinda….

Top – Miss Selfridges

Skirt- ASOS- I adore this skirt and it’s perfect for spring because it’s light, not too cold and not too hot, plus it was reasonable priced £22. Bargin!


Also, I know I missed the lil recipe yesterday, I do apologies I was just completely rushed off my feet and before I knew it, it was 11pm and I needed my bed. However I’m not leaving you hanging! I do have one ready and I shall pop it up later. Two blog posts in one day… aren’t you lucky 😉

Never the less, I am now off to enjoy the sun!

Speak soon,

Holl xx