A little “pick me up”

Hello Sweet Peas,

Oh heck it’s been a while, I’ve missed my blogging but I’m back don’t worry too much…

Anyway, what the hell has happened to summer?! I’m currently sat here back into my jeans, slipper socks and over sized hoodie attempting to to allow my body to feel the warmth again. I even resorted in getting the old parka out of the back of my wardrobe on my shopping trip the other day… yes I was that cold or my body just simply refuses sudden weather change. I can’t lie though I did enjoy starting the winter shop, baggy jumpers and huge scarfs, yes please! On that note, yes you heard right once again I had one of my fabby shopping trips, of course only meaning a haul very very soon!

However today I feel as if due to this now gloomy weather we are all in need of one of Hollie’s little inspirational ‘pick me ups’ of course. Well I know I do and a complete ‘sluggish’ feeling is most certainly hazing over me.

I’ve trying my complete hardest everyday to stay as positive as I can recently and one of the little sayings that is helping me strive through is;

“Storms make trees take deeper roots”

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now because I absolutely love it and lately speaks a whole lot of truth. There are many times I’m coming to face that the whole world around me appears to blow up into a complete whirl wind. Like a dark cloud is hovering over day to day, as a storm kindly brews. Of course through a storm the trees have to take their hold or they’re simply blown down indicating that they take deep roots. It’s like that for ourselves – our storms, our mistakes and experiences can only make us stronger because as humans we set in ambition to make our mark on the planet. We aren’t made or placed upon the Earth the to just ‘give up’ because I believe the universe simply doesn’t work that way.

I want to believe that each struggle that I am faced with It’ll only impact on my drive towards my aspirations in life. They will continue to provide me with the drive to carry on striving for everything I want.

So, if today seems gloomy or you’re having a little rough patch, look in the mirror and confirm with yourself that this will soon pass and when it does? you shall be a hell lot stronger. You’ll be able to face your day straight on with the need and want to live.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


#OOTD Catching the last of summer

Hello sweet peas,

Finally today the sun in shining again today, so I thought I’d show you a quick outfit of the day because I’m most certainly trying to catch the last of the rays. Aren’t we all?! Unless you’re some lucky bugger who’s fled to a hot country.

20140804-104332 am-38612607.jpg

20140804-104331 am-38611531.jpg

20140804-104329 am-38609793.jpg

20140804-104330 am-38610261.jpg

Top- TopShop £10 (I mentioned it in my haul yesterday)
Shorts – ASOS I think they were around £25
Rings – Primark and Pia – which is a lovely (but pricey) place with the most perfect, quirky jewellery. Be sure to check it out!

No doubt I shall throw on my converse or free runs because who doesn’t love them!
Enjoy your days and keep happy bunnies.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx

The beach is my second home

Hello sweet peas,

I’m here to share another one of my lovely family days out with you and to the place I consider home (I’ve always aspired to be a mermaid, secretly) yes you guessed, the beach!

Anywhere where there is sand and a calming sea to satisfy all my thoughts away pleases me greatly.



Me, mumma, Ella, Nana and my uncle all decided a family day out to chill out at the beach was needed, as we are all indeed great lovers of the sunshine. We don’t live too far away luckily, so after only a 1 and half hour drive we finally arrived and quite quickly set up for a wonderful lazy day with a beautifully clear sky and sea. I’m also the worlds biggest book worm so of course I had to bring a fabby read with me, I bought “One Day”, I’ve just started reading this book as I absolutely adored the film. It is taking me a bit to get into but so far I’m actually really enjoying getting to read and experience parts they couldn’t show in the film.


I also loved spending time with my little sister because oh boy the busy life of that one 12 year old astonishes me. I never ever see her anymore. Never the less we shall always be incredibly close and it was such a lovely thing to be able to have a catch up and a good old sing on the way (me and my sister jamming to frozen is always one of my happiest things in life) I actually love being able to watch my sister grow into a young woman and I cherish in being her older sister, in hoping she looks up to me, that would be wonderful.




The ability just to escape reality and enjoy a day away from the daily tasks and aspects of life is so great when you spend the day with your toes in the sand. “Life at the beach it better” as I always say, almost as if looking right down at the sea beyond all them miles – you’re free.



I also conquered one of my biggest fears that day and felt extreme achievements – for the first time in 3 years I faced having an ice cream and out in public. It was most certainly one of the scariest things I’ve done, yet another step forward to a happier and healthier life. I don’t want to be deprived from the tiniest pleasures in life and I’m working on it. It just takes a hell lot of will power and determination with a dash of stubbornness – and if you know me you shall be very aware or my stubbornness…



Happiness is so much more important than stresses, worries and fears in life and I want you all to remember this, day in day out.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


Spring Clean

I woke this morning expecting to be greeted with the joys of the rain and gloom on the other side of the blind, yet to my surprise there was sun and come on you know me by now – I adore sun! So much I jumped out of bed and nearly went flying over the blasted fluffy pillow. I really am starting to wonder why I still even live in this country when the constant lifeless weather only makes me god damn miserable 24/7. And the fact anything under 1o degrees causes me to sink into hypothermia. Never the less I then decided it was time to get up off my bum and venture out to run. Being a runner it was of course an absolute dream. It was beyond amazing everywhere was so still and peaceful and in going so early I literally felt like the only human being left on the planet (despite the odd man and his dog, but I guess I can accept them ;-)) I probably sound beyond weird but as a runner you come to appreciate these things, so shush!20140601-104906-am.jpg

Also what’s better than feeling healthy and refreshed? Up, ran, showered and dressed all by 10, it’s a wonderful feeling because it’s lead me to think, I need a ‘spring clean’, (and yes I mean with my blog, I FEEL CLUTTERED)

My writing motivation lately has dropped to -100000, which is supposedly a worry considering it’s one of the only things I enjoy. So, this morning I’ve sat down with my lil post-run shake and the wonders of my Disney stationary and realized I actually have some time on my hands. So what better time to write? Of course time to blog, and time to de-clutter! Reading over some of my posts, I’m beginning to wonder if I was deluded or simply just high in the times I wrote these. Who knows.20140601-105024-am.jpg

Now of course I want to be as entertaining as humanly possible and and enjoyable read (what blogger doesn’t?) So, I’ve decided to start bringing in some new little bits and bobs to suit your fancy. Nah I’m actually lazy and I just asked a few people what they’d like 😉

I’m a complete health freak so recipes is the first new little venture, I have so many breakfast and oat recipes that they’re literally going to over flow. I need to share that oatmeal loving., literally craving my breakfast this morning all again now, opps.20140601-105014-am.jpg

Outfit inspirations/hauls/favorite posts have been also requested. I’ve always fancied giving these a go because I’m the worlds biggest shopper (I have no shame!)

Book and film reviews! I’m a writer, of course I read (I said I was a big shopper, I have a pile of 30 waiting for summer… oppssss..)

I also want to carry on with my writing posts, fiction, poems ect, and also my everyday life to life posts because who doesn’t love a good old natter? Also with summer on it’s way, I shall be on my little travels a lot more, I just about passed photography so I suppose I could supply you with some wonders……. haha.

I have lots of plans for posts coming soon, and I’m going to try and get back onto blogging as much a I possibly can.

If you have any ideas, let me know.

And on that note I’ll finish with a little outfit of the day, the suns out, I’m happy what can I say?20140601-105007-am.jpg

Top- Miss Selfridge – they have loads of these tops at the moment, they’re super comfy

Shorts- New Look

Nail Varnish – Jelly Shine Barry M- literally adore this range, I’m a nail varnish freak

You can always catch me on

Instagram – holllijess or Twitter- jessicaholli

Speak soon,





Ready for summer?

Oh god, yes, I am!

The thought and my desperate need for warm weather and summer nights is now causing me to go slightly insane, to the point yes I’ve already got the flip-flops out and the sun chairs have appeared. The suns been out for a day, Hollie what are you doing! But hey, I live in a country where we are all slightly bonkers and think 14c means a bloody heatwave.

So, yeah you could say I’m ready for the ‘wonder wonders’ of British summers…

Nah, in all honesty our summers can be okay (when the weather man isn’t lying about scorching temperatures) sitting in the garden with my beloved Pimms, long walks and sunnies, BBQ’s and laughs and getting together with people. Exploring and actually getting out the house from our daunting winter cocoons. I hate the way winter almost deprives people from life – I went for a lovely walk yesterday and in all honesty (as much as I claim to despise the human race) it was so lovely to see the world almost come alive. There were happy faces literally everywhere!

Then again it is Easter and I think everyone’s just looking forward to a weekend of getting obese on Easter Eggs. I hate to admit, as I’m not actually the biggest chocolate lover but I am really looking forward to the Percy Pig Easter Egg I have waiting for me – yes Marks n Sparks you’ve done me proud! I actually love anything Easter related though because as well as being a huge kid, I’m secretly the biggest girl because if you put a cute little fluffy chick or bunny in front of me I will ‘AWW’ to the complete extreme. And of course, I did that in the shop and was obliged to buy the little buggers. And whats little chicks without a bit of Easter baking…… 20140419-025133-pm.jpg

So yeah, as well as getting into wonderful Easter Spirit I’ve been trying to convince myself summer is nearly here….. Who am I kidding! Someone just take me away to a lovely exotic island? I need cocktails and sunbeds please.

Speak soon,