The inner writer – 10 days of writing 9 &10

Hello Sweet Peas,

I’m being super kind and giving you the last two days of my little writing challenge in one! Well it’s the least I could do due to my slacking and I have to admit yesterdays blog post wasn’t as good as it could have been, but hey we can’t be perfect all the time right?

Anyway on and extra fabby brilliant note, I reached 100 followers and 3,000 views, wahey! To myself that’s such a massive achievement as when I first created this blog I never even imagined  or procrastinated that one person would stumble across my blog, never mind 3,000! Over the past few months I’ve actually had so many lovely comments in how I’ve helped, impacted and inspired people which to me is the most warming and lovely thing to hear. I aspire to help and inspire at least one person with my writing and to know I’m on my way in achieving that makes me beyond happy.  So, a big thank you to any of you who come back to always read my blog or have stumbled across my little posts and decided to read down my blabbering, it means the world.

Anyway moving on, here’s day 9 & 10;

Regrets- Are there any huge aspects of your life you massively regret?

I’d like to say to you that there is absolutely nothing, ever that I have come to regret – yet if we all did that we’d be liars because sadly without fault we all regret something. I don’t however want to go into a list of things I regret, what good would that do me? or you, I’m feeling positive today. I’m gonna twist this a tad.

Why shouldn’t we regret? (even when we want to…)”


As hard as it is to believe from time to time we just have to be simply reminded that the past is the past, it’s called that for a reason. It’s been and it’s gone and no matter how hard you think, it’ll never again be changed. We get so caught up on recalling the past and aspects of it we come to forget cannot be altered. So? what’s the point in moping and regretting things that have already happened when we could simply enjoy now? well that’s human nature of course.

However if you keep in mind that it cannot be changed, and keep repeating this to yourself despite your beliefs, we can only hope one day as humans we learn to let go a little easier.

Last but not least!!!!!

You – What makes you think you’re so special? A little harsh. But what do you see in yourself? What characteristics do you hide from everyone else?

Self-belief, ooo that dreaded thing for us all. Walking along the wire of confidence is a risky thing to do because within society we have become extremely judgmental towards the idea. Too confident and we are stuck up with a huge ego? Not enough confidence and we are simply attention seeking and unhappy? It’s never right or wrong. No one is ever satisfied.

Personally I think it’s wonderful to have confidence, just obviously not huge amount in that you’re annoying the whole world but I think it’s so important to believe in yourself. I believe the key to other people noticing your happiness and success begins with self-belief. To get anywhere with anything you have to start to realize that you can actually do it rather than relying on the support of others. This may sound harsh but it’s reality.

Writing is a funny old thing and I know so many people over the past year or so have clearly stated it to be a ‘hobby’ or something I’d never achieve in. I think one woman once told me to make a back up plan. I mean how stupid. I’d let out my passion to her, with my heart and soul just to be told how difficult it is to make it? Little did she realize it only made me what it more. That’s what I love about myself, determination. If I want something enough I’ll get there and I’ll make it not for anyone but myself.

I grew up myself believing writing to simply be a hobby, writing story after story admiring famous authors and novelists. It’s like the dream of wanting to act or sing but ending up working in M&S for 50 years (of course no offense if you do, I love M&S, haha) Never the less I never saw it possible. Yet one day I woke and realized it’s what I wanted, so I’m going to do it, just you watch.

I hope you enjoyed me looking a little bit more into myself. I’ve actually enjoyed this little writing challenge, it’s allowed me to focus on expressing things without sounding extremely blabbery and boring…well, I hope so…

I have some different types of posts that I’ve written, a few more hauls and beauty bits and bobs, so I hope you come to enjoy them too!

Speak soon,

Holl xxx