The dreaded ‘F’ word

Do you really know what a feminist looks like?

Maybe I’m a feminist. Maybe you’re a feminist, who knows? How would you know? That word, the dreaded F word has caused such tedious stigma for quite some time. A stigma that disgusts me. As a society we’ve given feminism one of the worst connotations. The debate towards claiming your husbands last name, reducing rape numbers or the role of female superheros floods our mouths and minds as we explore the feminist world.


As soon as you even hear the word feminist you more than likely force your minds into imagining some man-hating,angry, undersexed woman with hairs sprouting from her armpits and beavers growing on her legs. A woman that would instantly burn you alive at even suggesting she should put you together a delicious bacon sandwich. You probably sit there thinking how much you want to tell these called feminist bitches to ‘quit cryin.’ Well let’s have a reality check because honey you’re living in the wrong century.

Let’s get one thing straight without the label ‘feminist’ the bottom end of it is simply, equal rights, equal chances, equal opportunities. Not just for women however every single human being. I feel it’s an opportunity for a stance in empowering men and women to break certain gender roles.  And why would you be that ignorant in disagreeing we all deserve a chance, is equality that inadequate to you?

‘I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there’s on thing I know for certain, this has to stop.’ – Emma Watson

I adore this quote because of the amount of truth is provides. The way many people view feminism is simply down hatred and anger, is this really the way we should be displaying equal opportunities to our younger generations? Rather than the word being taboo, we should acknowledge feminism in a positive concept to progress humans in many ways. I think rather than creating this label upon women, we should be proud and stand forth in and to show confidence and independence in what we believe. If you’re a women that cannot bring herself to the thought of doing and cringe at the thought, then I hand you my disgust.

What causes my skin the crawl most and my blood to boil is the sense we’ve created that to be a feminist you have to portray yourself in some certain manner. For one it doesn’t matter at all if you are male, female, old, young, gay, straight, English or American. Whoever you may be if you consider each and every individual to have a right politically, economically, or socially,  you’re a feminist.

And yes! You heard right you can be male and be a ‘feminist’ without it having to send you down the daunting road of less masculinity. As I said we aren’t out to murder you with like feminist witches however this is just another expectation and connotation, a pathetic one if that. There are many males who have claimed to be feminist recently; Prince Harry and Joseph Gordon- Levitt and there is no shame at all in them doing so. I believe that truly portrays what the whole subject is about – standing up for what you believe.


Honestly I don’t quite understand the huge deal towards feminism. I say you break the rules a little, go on stand out your comfort zone. I’m a feminist and proud.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


Together or Not At All…

Hello Sweet Peas,

I have a few photos to share with you…

IMG_8853 IMG_8870 IMG_8898 IMG_8901

Here’s one of my best friends Chloe, or in my case Beardy. No one ever understands why we are so happy to see each other. Why we connect the way we do. I want to tell you a bit about here because by the end I can swear to you, you’ll adore her as much as I do.

Back in the days when I’d rather not remember my hair decisions or my fashion choices, I met Chloe. I hate to say it but never for a second did I ever think she would have the impact on me that she has. Over the years without realization me and beard have become almost dependent on each other. It was only however when we didn’t have each other there to bounce off, did we come to acknowledge it – only allowing us to resemble a married couple.  I can honestly say that she’s been there thick and thin whenever I needed her, from the smallest to the biggest thing. It’s not often you find someone like that, that can be there day in day out and it’s only when they’re gone you say “hold on a minute, they were my bloody partner in crime” …

I feel privileged in knowing that Beardy has come to me for various things over the years, little aspects of her life she has slowly but surely began to open up to, knowing she can put her trust in to me is wonderful. I’ve watched this trust build up, at first cautious however slowly but surely finding hope in me.


You know the person who is the strongest? The joy to everyone’s day with not a single bad word pass their lips and spark in their step. I always see this in Chloe, no matter what she’d be there for anyone and everyone. I’m one of the only people who have seen the slightly different side. The less confident, scared and lonely girl just wanting to be saved from all the demons many of us face in different ways.

As you know, I’m extremely up in raising awareness towards any mental illness and reducing any kind of stigma. I want people to be fully aware that 1) they should never be ashamed, it makes you who you are in which many people love you and wouldn’t change you for the world and 2) you’re never alone, there’s so many other people out there looking and searching for the exact same support and comfort. Well, I want to raise awareness for something my wonderful best friend has been fighting for many years and I cannot express how god damn proud I am. To hear to words that she finally feels happy, in which she only said a few days ago is like complete joy and excitement to my ears.

Chloe has suffered with the awful mental illness Trichotillomania, a mental illness where a person has a need and impulse to pull their hair out as well as eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s often due to stresses, depression and anxiety however it becomes a addictive and extremely controlling and watching someone be so traumatized by it for so many years is devastating. This illness can cause so many medical issues, such as being blinded and it also impacts on your confidence and increases isolation and social skills. It can lead to frustration and embarrassment in social aspects of life, and involve many restrictions.

I’ve always wanted Beard to know she is not alone and being on this journey and watching her slowly but surely start to overcome these challenges has been outstanding. It will always be a trouble in her life, just like all mental illnesses are in any case however we can clearly see there is a light at the end of every tunnel. Just like me and Anorexia there is always that evil side of you that wants to turn back, it being part of you life for so long these addictions become close friends however with the right love and support we can prove that together we can fight anything. It’s true that these addictions become a coping mechanism, so reach out, don’t be scared to talk about it even if it’s just building up that trust with one person like Chloe did with me. We may have just helped save each other lives and happiness.

If you ever want to contact me or Chloe with advice, support or questions, feel free to e-mail us;

Hollie –

Chloe –

Chloe has also recently took the big step in talking about her mental illness and has actually launched a blog herself –

If you could hop over there and send all your love, support and huggles like I know you all will do, Id be so grateful.

Sending love and sparkles to all you little fighters out there.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx

A Week in Photos (3)

Hello Sweet Peas,

I missed last week! I do apologize, it’s actually been a busy few weeks so here’s a little insight into what I’ve been up to.

IMG_4494IMG_4342IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4479IMG_4469IMG_4484 IMG_4485IMG_4470 IMG_4474 IMG_4493 IMG_4489

 1. Dragon Fly Tea – Anyone who knows me is aware of my over obsessive love for tea, especially new wonderful flavored teas. I discovered the make Dragon Fly which I must add the peppermint green tea is wonderful and whats better than a tea with cute little messages?

2. Cold Mornings and Porridge – Yes, I’ve already purchased my first Christmas mug of the year (I couldn’t help myself) I mean just look how cute the penguin is, he was practically calling my name and of course the cold mornings have started creeping there way back in, so porridge is always the answer.

3. Happiness and Bunny ears – I think being able to let go of everything just for one night is the most important thing. To be able to stop and say ‘hold on a minute, this is my time’. I had a lovely night last weekend in Blackpool with Ellie, where we both just forgot about anything and enjoyed ourselves. Of course, I resorted back to being a kid when the only priority was buying flashing bunny ears.

4. Fabulous Trouser Life – River Island sales oh how I love you! Recently I’ve been a sucker for baggy, wonderfully printed trousers and my my when these were just £10, how could I say no?

5. Frozen Frantic- Yesterday me, Mumma and Ella all headed for a little afternoon out and popped into Matalan. I love Matalan for the odd bits and bobs and got a tad excited at all the new Christmas home ware section. Then making our way to the till I spotted this little number and absolutely loved it. I love popping my protein shakes into little cups like this, so it really was perfect. ~(And I love frozen… a tad too much)

6. Ginger Bread Latte Galore –  Yesterday being a little treat day I had to take a little trip to Costa and have a cheeky ginger bread latte, which Is the ultimate Christmas drink and my absolute favorite.

7. Halloween Mania- As you know Halloween is just in fact right around the corner and in our house hold we absolutely love it, and of course this year decided to go all out in Asda. I literally couldn’t resist the sparkly pumpkins and skull heads being the big girl that I am.

8. Skull Shot glasses – On our little Halloween Asda trip I cam across these little fellas Skull head shot glasses!! I mean how fab are they? You cannot deny.

9. Weight lifting Pumpkins – And of course Halloween can only mean Pumpkins and I can confirm we spent ages trying to choose the biggest and best pumpkins. After finally choosing we finally picked and me and me little muscles managed to carry him… wahey!

10. ‘Bring Murray’s Bum Back’ – Yes, this Extra Large Pick n’ Mix was most certainly allowed last night, lets call it a ‘Halloween Eve’ treat, as 1. it was a ‘little’ cheat night 2. I’ve been craving sweets for god knows how long 3. we are on a strong mission to bring Hollie’s bum back. So you cheeky cola bottles… go to my arse…

11. Cozy jumpers and boring Sundays- Cold weather is most certainly starting to consume me, which only results to my fingers and toes being left to freeze. I bought this jumper this week which I absolutely adore, going out my comfort zone slightly with the color but I strangely love it, plus it’s unbelievably comfy and warm. Bonus!

12. Keep going and Never stop – I have to admit the past four weeks have been incredibly hard for me, yet I’m still striving and still fighting. I want to keep going and shut out all the thoughts and feeling telling me that I can’t and I think this quote sums this up perfectly. I think it’s important to start accepting you’ll have set backs and failures, yet just because you do it isn’t the end. They only allow you to keep striving and going.

I hope you enjoyed these little set of piccys and I hope you have all had a fabulous week.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx

Anxiety – You aren’t alone

Hello Sweet Peas,

I have quite a few Autumn/Christmas Fashion and beauty posts waiting in anticipation, I know I know, please do contain your excitement. However this Friday – 10th October it’s World Mental Health Day, so I thought I’d do a quick little post on a topic I’ve been wanting to express for a while.

As you’ve more than likely figured already I want to talk a little bit about anxiety and panic attacks, as without realization it’s something in which a huge number of people suffer with day in and day out. I hope in expressing my feelings and thoughts towards it, I can try and raise a little bit of awareness and assure people that they really aren’t alone.

You are far too smart...

I’ve never really expressed my dealings with anxiety as over the years I’ve overcome it massively and have discovered so many ways and techniques in coping and surviving each day. It has taken a hell lot of work and something I’ll continue to do but I want to show just how you can learn to deal with these anxious thoughts and worries and how despite what you may think you aren’t the only one.

For a long period of time panic attacks were a daily struggle for me and in which a lot of the time no one was aware of, even myself wasn’t aware that what I was suffering with was panic attacks. They’d rise up whenever and wherever they wanted, usually in corridors in school, tight busy shops or when I got out of the shower bizarrely. Although, they can happen just about anywhere and let me tell you they aren’t fun. I’ll give you a tiny insight… Basically you feel like you’re dying for a split second, haha. Usually feeling dizzy, feeling sick, light headed, and blacking out often occur and that tightness in your chest they causes the over breathing. They’re a complete build up of fear, excitement, and emotions. For myself it often feels like my head is about to explode, causing me to simply panic more. I often feel like the whole world is caving in around me and there is simply nothing in the world that will stop it but of course we know that’s not quite frankly true because there are ways of over coming and coping with these attacks.

My Own Coping Techniques

  • Focus on breathing – I know this probably sounds way to obvious but in the case of a panic sorting out your breathing is pretty much vital. Slow deep breathing and allowing yourself to calm.
  • Getting away from the situation – I like to go straight outside or simply moving away from the place I’ve panicked in.
  • Being with someone – many people actually would rather not have any communication from anyone as it simply causes more anxiety and panic however one of my biggest preventatives is to actually go and find a friend or family member and allow them to be aware of how I’m feeling.
  • Counting – counting strangely helps me deal with calming down, as it gives me a completely different focus.
  • Lying down – I have a a dizziness issue, so sometimes lying down and again focusing on breathing techniques can help and awful lot
  • Drinking water – this helps with any dizziness and feeling sick

Dealing with the thoughts…

However despite the panic attacks, I think it’s unaware of the huge issue simply anxiety plays along with this, the build up. I firstly want to express how a little anxiety and worry is normal and healthy, without it we would be completely reckless human beings with not a care in the world however when it interferes with every aspect and decision then driving you insane… that’s not so healthy. Again for a long, long time day in day out and still some days anxiety and it’s evil thoughts control my life, decisions and relationships. I can recall it getting to the point I was petrified of leaving the house simply because the possibility of being watched, followed or involved in a car crash ect. I became so obsessed and anxious over every bad aspect in life, which of course isn’t the way to live. Not only that but I become incredibly paranoid of those around me, assuming someone I’d never seen in my entire life hated every inch of me. I could hear my voice being screamed and felt as if I was out numbered in a crowded room, each one of them targeting me. I would stop socializing, talking, touching and even acknowledging other people.  That constant ticking, irritating voice constantly giving you a friendly reminder of the unknown, which in the reasonable mind we know is ridiculous.

What if the unknown is equally as amazing?

That’s what I’ve grown to learn, that as humans we instantly jump to the conclusion that everything ahead of us could turn to disaster, this means we forget there and equal (even bigger) chance things could hold great wonders. Another great thing I’ve adjusted to through Anxiety and Anorexia is CBT therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), which I would certainly recommended for various mental health issues. It’s  type of therapy that looking into retraining the brains thinking patterns and thoughts in this it allows you to deal with problems or issues in your life a lot easier. Of course it doesn’t remove the problems, it does however allow you to see things in a much more positive light.


I now take each day as it comes and as soon as that little negative voice chips in, I fight back with the positive one. I’ve discovered that when I’m panicking over what the world sees me as – they are more than likely doing the same thing. I’ve also figured out that the future cannot be changed and neither can the past, so dwelling and worrying is never the answer. Lastly, I was you to remember no matter how much you refuse to believe it – there is always a positive to every thought, situation and feeling.

A Little Thought – Facing the Fear

Within my CBT I learned a very valuable lesson that I use in every anxiety flooding situation;

Imagine a spider, big, hairy and scary and what’s worse? You have the biggest fear of spiders.

No one else is there to get rid of the spider, meaning you have two choices; 1. Leave the spider to sit there, leaving you aware of it’s presence, keeping the fear keeping the anxiety bubbling OR 2. Feel the Fear and do it anyway, the anxiety shall be there yes, however imagine it in waves. Once you’ve faced the fear of grabbing the spider the anxiety level shall fall back down because it’s over – you realize it simply wasn’t as bad as you first thought.


When you have to face this fear again, the fear simply won’t be as strong because on the waves on anxiety each time you face it, it’ll become lower and lower and easier and easier.


“But, what started the panic attack? Why were you anxious?”

Oh the one question that actually drives me insane! Yes, I know that somewhere down the deep, dark routes of your brain there shall always be a reason behind anxiety/attacks however sometimes you simply just don’t know! It’s quite frankly the worst when you have that anxious feeling in your stomach and the distant sense that something just quite isn’t right. I’d like to express how it’s perfectly fine to not know why you’re feeling this way, or to be completely unaware of the reasoning behind the attack.

It’s just extremely important to understand you aren’t alone. I also want you to know that, it’s 100% possibly to begin to control anxiety and panic attacks and that you are not doomed for your whole life.

526cfb5345e2c53bf5b1067ba6411a42Speak soon,

Holl xxx


Hello Sweet Peas,

I’m feeling extremely positive today and everything seems to be on the up. So firstly if you just happen to be having an awful hour or one of them days where only the bed seems appealing, I want you to stop for a second and smile. Take a huge breath and remember the world around you is still turning and you are still living and tomorrow is a brand new fresh day. Make the most of it! Do something new and exciting, do something that scares you or something full of spontaneity.

I was stuck in what to base today’s blog post around so, I thought I’d share a little poem with you as recently I’ve been writing more and more poetry and really seem to enjoy it.

Conflicted Thoughts

I don’t want to be caught
In a vagueness of my own insecure haze,
When I grow and my veins purposely entwine,
Logically older and minding fault.

I refuse to continue in the threatening hope,
That miracle shall fall upon,
That I am a specialist,
When I fall down to nothing, in the simple act of breathing.

Humanity overwhelms me.
Forcefully supply me with and average sense of normality, I endlessly refuse to aspire.

You refuse to believe the demons I hold, Believing I’m a saint with no fault,
Do you feel the deceiving pierce?
When the world sees you with purity?
And you know you are scolded with blinded ashes at the core,

Endlessly attempting to accept emotion
That seethes from all,
Yet you prefer the opposite,
You don’t expect clarity, Love, Want,
Only ever craving its persuasions.

Pushing slowly to dismiss the truth,
You fail to control.
I’ll control each particle,
I place through the lips claiming for admiration,
The normal act upon us all day to day,
Finger tips to mouth.

I’ll control the purpose and meaning you have in each hour, because I can.
Stopping the hurt you’ll supply me with.

Humanity does this,
Its dishonest perceptions,
And humans? We act it best.

That’s why I am fragile yet as cold as sharp icicles, Coming on the world’s tragic end.
You cannot come close,
I do not believe,
So I strike and melt and fade,
So you no longer have to observe my obsessive ‘phase’

Speak soon,

Holl xxx

Lil’ positivety bunny

1. IT’S NEARLY EASTER!! So, yes bunnies, and flowers and cute things.

2.It’s been a while.. I know, SHOOT ME! But I’ve been rather busy for once, and actually have put all forms of writing to the back of my mind. But I felt it was time for a cheeky blog post, and one in which I haven’t done for a while (yep where I simply blabber on about a pointless topic into which makes my life look slightly interesting.. hahah)

Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling a whole more positive towards numerous aspects of my life and it’s such a wonderful feeling. It almost makes you feel like you’ve had a complete ‘brain detox’ – which hands me a whole new load of control, and in any case when you have control over important things, everything seems to flow a lot easier. If you are anything like myself, you love control over things and aspects of your life in which you know could fail. So when things do get a little bumpy, it’s like thee world is somewhat ending and we head to things such as addictions, or simply feeling everything else shall go wrong.

Taking that into account I decided to create a little positive list of things you may want to try on our ‘brain detox’ if you like..

1- It sounds so strangely obvious BUT surround yourself with positive people (I know, I know easier said than done) yet I find when I’m around people with even just a smile on their face, my mood is quickly improved. I think it’s healthy to help others and listen to their worries and problems, but not 24/7! If they’re loading onto you that much that it’s pulling you down also, then get out of it, or take action in helping them rather than being drowned in their sorrows. I don’t want to sound harsh here, haha, yet believe me even if you’re having an off day find someone who can lift your spirits. Have a conversation about something you’re both interested in, or something you can sit and laugh about and before you know it you’ll be smiling also!

2- Drink more water, I don’t really think many people believe this theory but I 100% promise it’s true! In the last month I decided I was drinking way too much coffee and tea, way more than 20 cups a day, which is crazy! My god, I didn’t realize how drained and ‘clogged’ up (I can’t think of another word,.. shush) it was actually making me feel- along with the caffeine keeping me awake at night. So, I decided to reduce it and try drinking as much water as I could. Eventually I lost interest in coffee all together and started drinking herbal teas and also my favorite lemon green tea. I’ve started sleeping at normal times, and whenever I drink a cup of coffee now I feel strangely ‘icky’, haha. It’s like it’s helped me think freely, try it!

3- Spend time with your family, this probably sounds soppy yet again it’s very true. I love spending time with my mum and sister however that is because we have an extremely strong relationship. So, my advice to you is, if you don’t have a strong relationship with your parents or other family members, spend a little time with them. Do something you’ll both enjoy, it’ll surprise them and you might even surprise yourself. It’ll be refreshing. And if you don’t enjoy it, sue me 😉

4- Do something completely spontaneous regulary,  again because I enjoy control, I enjoy things to be set and planned. Half the time this drives me completely insane, and rather than keeping me happy actually leads me to feeling miserable because it highlights no control at all. So, sometimes it’s healthy just to let go. Decide to do something completely unplanned and unexpected, and in any aspect whether it be a fear, or a food, or speaking out. Just do it. Don’t over think things.

5- Don’t always be caught up on what you want out of life, now I know this is quite the opposite of what people usually say, it’s usually “go for your dreams”, or “remember what you want out of your future” blah blah blah. And yes, don’t get me wrong I agree because I don’t think anyone knows what they want out life more than myself, yet even sometimes that drains me. I’m constantly trying to think “don’t give up, you want to much out of life” and how much I want to succeed in my career as a writer. We have no clue how the future is going to pan out, and sometimes that can transform into dread rather than positivity. Have goals and dream, yes, but sometimes stop and simply think what wonderful things do I have right this second?

So, yes I’ve blabbered but hey! Who doesn’t love a good old blabbering post?

Speak soon,


My Personal “Clear Out..”

I’m far from good with decisions, decision making is probably one of my most dreaded things, yet I feel I have reached a point where I need to face my fear. I have some decisions to make.

I feel as if I need a “Clear Out” (and what this is yet to mean I have no clue, haha) – I just feel as if my mind is cramped and over crowded which is only causing a haze, and that leads to the disorientation of my thoughts. The more I think about this “Clear Out” I am coming to realize lately the true cause behind my failure and stumbles is down to people in and out of my life. People are beginning to pull me back rather than push me forward. I mean when you truly sit back and think about it – we as humans appear to be drawn towards the people that fill our hearts with negativity. Why is it so we push away the ones which care?

We carry on attempting endless, pointless, one end conversations with people who simply reply with one word. We like to believe somewhere deep down they may actually have an interest in talking to you, just a friend, yet their lack of effort describes differently.

We have the people who continue to make our lives misery by coming and going as they please, making us feel vulnerable, useless, and powerless.

We have the people who claim to understand, claim that they would find joy in listening to what you have to say, yet it is no fault of theirs I know however “I’m always here for you” doesn’t exactly fill you with much hope.

Why do we keep falling back into wanting the people that make us feel so worthless about ourselves?  because we like to kid ourselves into think they are going to change? That you are suddenly going to become a top priority?

Even to the point of society, we base our lives around even people we don’t know, trying to be this idea of perfect. If we don’t fit in with the rest of the world then where else can we possibly stand.

Negativity simply attracts negative people.

I remember a friend I had once and they were surprisingly very much like myself – which is very unlikely. Never the less we could talk for hours and hours, days and nights, yet never reach the point of boredom. I wondered why this was the case and then I realized – we had never once had a negative conversation. And no! This was not because we felt the need to hide any messed up aspect of our lives however it was because there was so much positivity, kindness and want between our words that it was as if the daunting roles in our lives had been erased. There wasn’t any need for us to discuss our troubles because there wasn’t any.

I guess my theory is – Negativity will only create more negativity. Positivity solves it.

I feel as if I am so blinded, trapped and suffocated in human beings bringing me down. I want to de-clutter myself – if you like. I’ve always truly believed that when you are happy yourself, you attract happy and positive people whereas if you spend your whole time trying to make others happy you realize that they’re the ones that don’t even have slightest ounce of care. I can remember the time in which I thought of my own feelings with depth and allowed people to form effort with me – yes this may sound selfish but I was believed to be a happier person, allowing me to realize I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of me anymore. When you let go like that, it’s wonderful.

I believe it is time to open your eyes to what caring is, and to stop making time for what is not.


Ps. I know I’ve failed with my “Blog challenge” HOWEVER that is to be back on track tomorrow. I have been busy with fiction never the less. I’ve begun a journal, if you wish to read. –

“I have a theory..”

..and overwhelmed with thought.

Have a little bit of my writing, part of a new character maybe, I’m not sure…

The air is crisp today with the sense of chill hovering. What completes this is the sky, the sharpness, the clearness within it. It’s beautiful, making me content. I find it bizarre; with a breath of something so hopeful – it silences the bad. Despite the temporality of it, I come to realise something. That along the lines of medication, treatments, and therapy – which may I add is handed to is on a silver platter- we forget something.

We forget the natural remedies. The long, crisp, morning strolls that restore your whole outlook on the day ahead, or the self belief and pleasure when giving a loved one something for them to remember their speciality.

The light of the sun – it holds never ending possibilities and positivity.

And, yes, okay these pleasures of life don’t always stick around for long. They are temporary.

Temporary , a fearful word may I add however it created my theory. When the sparks of electricity were bouncing around my head widely in thought. My theory is;

“If all our so-called natural pleasures are temporary, why do we refuse to accept that pain, fear, and suffering isn’t planning on sticking around either”

I aspire to teach people this – sadness is temporary.

See within my theory- I hit another realisation in that the reason we fail to keep touch of happiness and pleasures is simply because of our fear and failing of acceptance. The mind will accept pain naturally and it saddens me this is what we believe we deserve.

And if happiness appears, just the slightest bit – the mind resorts to extreme panic!

“I can’t be happy!”
“That isn’t normal”

I’ve found and learnt to subject ourselves away from believing we are destined to live in negativity – we don’t accept the bad days but we accept the good.

And, how do you know that you’ve accepted it?
(I know what’s going through your head ;-))

Well it all comes back to my theory because you can finally sit back on your bad day, mood, week and actually realise it isn’t staying- it will soon bugger off.

Speak soon, (I have some si-fi surprises on the way ;-),

♡ Holl ♡