The dreaded ‘F’ word

Do you really know what a feminist looks like?

Maybe I’m a feminist. Maybe you’re a feminist, who knows? How would you know? That word, the dreaded F word has caused such tedious stigma for quite some time. A stigma that disgusts me. As a society we’ve given feminism one of the worst connotations. The debate towards claiming your husbands last name, reducing rape numbers or the role of female superheros floods our mouths and minds as we explore the feminist world.


As soon as you even hear the word feminist you more than likely force your minds into imagining some man-hating,angry, undersexed woman with hairs sprouting from her armpits and beavers growing on her legs. A woman that would instantly burn you alive at even suggesting she should put you together a delicious bacon sandwich. You probably sit there thinking how much you want to tell these called feminist bitches to ‘quit cryin.’ Well let’s have a reality check because honey you’re living in the wrong century.

Let’s get one thing straight without the label ‘feminist’ the bottom end of it is simply, equal rights, equal chances, equal opportunities. Not just for women however every single human being. I feel it’s an opportunity for a stance in empowering men and women to break certain gender roles.  And why would you be that ignorant in disagreeing we all deserve a chance, is equality that inadequate to you?

‘I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there’s on thing I know for certain, this has to stop.’ – Emma Watson

I adore this quote because of the amount of truth is provides. The way many people view feminism is simply down hatred and anger, is this really the way we should be displaying equal opportunities to our younger generations? Rather than the word being taboo, we should acknowledge feminism in a positive concept to progress humans in many ways. I think rather than creating this label upon women, we should be proud and stand forth in and to show confidence and independence in what we believe. If you’re a women that cannot bring herself to the thought of doing and cringe at the thought, then I hand you my disgust.

What causes my skin the crawl most and my blood to boil is the sense we’ve created that to be a feminist you have to portray yourself in some certain manner. For one it doesn’t matter at all if you are male, female, old, young, gay, straight, English or American. Whoever you may be if you consider each and every individual to have a right politically, economically, or socially,  you’re a feminist.

And yes! You heard right you can be male and be a ‘feminist’ without it having to send you down the daunting road of less masculinity. As I said we aren’t out to murder you with like feminist witches however this is just another expectation and connotation, a pathetic one if that. There are many males who have claimed to be feminist recently; Prince Harry and Joseph Gordon- Levitt and there is no shame at all in them doing so. I believe that truly portrays what the whole subject is about – standing up for what you believe.


Honestly I don’t quite understand the huge deal towards feminism. I say you break the rules a little, go on stand out your comfort zone. I’m a feminist and proud.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


Honey! You’re obsessed!

Okay, so time to be honest.

We have all had an extremely, over embarrassing yet guilty pleasure, “obsessive” stage.  It is of course the daunting phase you wish you could erase from all humanity, ever.  You know the one I’m on about. You’d spend sleepless nights ‘fan girling’ over some fool of a celebrity you claim to adore and admire – maybe even to the extent you’re in love with this inspirational idiot (admit it, you know I’m right!)

I’ll raise my hand and hang my head in entire shame, that through my little (okay, massive) obsessive episode, the words – “I’d die for you” and “you saved my life” did in fact pass my lips.

I don’t really want to recall it to my memory. Oh, the walls plastered from head to toe with all of my supposedly talented and famous ‘idols’.  Fantasizing late at night into what meeting these wonderful, inspiring people would be like. I mean, Harry Styles is bound to fall right in love as soon as he lays his eyes on me?  Right…? And the motivational lyrics you force yourself into learning words for word, note for note. But come on how can the lyrics “Na na na na na…” possibly have given me any hope and motivation into whom I wanted to be? Unless I wanted to be the planet’s most illiterate individual. That’s right it just leads you down the daunting path of life long humiliation.

It makes me wonder, as teens are we simply deluded by what these people appear to be in the media and society around us? Have we taken a simple idolisation and admiration to a whole new level? Is it right we should be devoting ourselves so greatly into someone who doesn’t even acknowledge our existence? – Don’t be fooled they do have millions of other crazed fans all grasping on to the same dream, that they’ll just give them a glance. You’re nothing special.

And what about the ‘so-called’ fantastic fame claimers such as Towie star Joey Essex’s or all well to known boob fanatic Katie Price. And what are they famous for? Nothing. So, why do we feel this need to be so caught up in the devious lives of these people? The media creates them. It’ simple. Maybe we are just growing into people who aspire to be lazy rather than successful. Well reality check sweetie, life doesn’t work that way!

What joy do we receive in knowing what the Kardashians had for breakfast or when Peter Andre wiped his arse? (Yes I know some of you are this obsessed!)

“We criticize them, and at the same time we rush to hear about their latest disasters. We love to hate them but we seem to idolize them while other critical issues sit on the back burner?”

So there you have it: we are all crazy obsessed! It ridiculous! I guess the media is half to blame and looking at this quote, I’d highly agree, we technically obsess over negativity. Think about it logically – is this really just making us highlight what is wrong with our own lives – drugs, alcohol, sex, violence and so on. The media is telling us these things are right, so maybe they just simply are. Like Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan for prime examples. Don’t get me wrong I love the women. Miley’s new grunge, carefree personality shines through as an admiration to me – good on the girl however does this explicit trait of “twerking” cause something little girls see as the right behaviour? Before we know it a whole new generation shall be twerking like fools in flimsy shorts to claim it is only a ‘self-belief’ matter.

I’m not here to burst your bubble and I’m certainly not suggesting that having a celebrity idol or resemblance makes you some crazed idiot in which you shouldn’t be. Sometimes it can be healthy, celebrities can resemble positivity to us and inspire us to achieve wonderful things – raising money for charities and many motivate us into achieve goals and dreams. But just ask yourself something why are you so interested and crazed about these people’s lives? Are you simply bored or are you unhappy with your own? Fair enough of course if you want to spend your time indulging in the fantasy of being the next Mrs Bieber, be my guest – who am I to stop you?