Slightly tea obsessed…..

Hello Sweet Peas,

Oh today the post man most certainly made me an extremely happy girl! Taking in account when he dropped off my parcel he laughed and said “Best pop the kettle on”.

Yes, I got a fabulous twining’s delivery and yes I got a tad over excited towards this, good old mumma (I’m not sorry in the slightest)

And no I really didn’t just have a 20 minute conversation about tea…





See how bloody amazing this is?! I discovered the twinings website and was completely in my element. 70 different tea bags, including many of my favorites: Pepper mint, Lemon and ginger, and carmalised apple. And many many new ones for my taste buds to discover: Buttermint, Mango and Strawberry, and Liquorice. I’m in tea heaven. (Oh god I sound sad….. Haha)

Plus the lovely glass jar for just £17.50, I mean how good is that for value ey? So if you’re a tea lover like myself be sure to get yourself onto the twinings wonderful website.

So I’m most certainly off to dip my hand in and pick one to my surprise….

Speak soon,

Holl xxx