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Hello Sweet Peas,

I have a little bit of a different post today. One question I actually get asked a lot is what make-up I use on a daily basis, so I thought i’d give you little insight into the products I usually use for the day to day things and looks.


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The products I use are one I use to usually create a natural looking look;

  • Big Easy Complexion Perfecter by Benefit – £27.50 – I absolutely love using this Cream as an alternative to foundation, it;s much lighter yet still gives your base a full and perfect coverage. However in drastic times when I cannot afford this little beauty or sometimes along side of it I love Rimmels BB cream – £9.50 
  • Hide the Blemish concealer Rimmel – £3.99 –  I’ve used this concealer for so long now and as I usually get blemishes or spots upon my cheeks in works like a dream.
  • Stay Matte Compact Powder Rimmel – £ 3.99 – I think near enough everyone has come across this compact powder and it shall always stay up there up in my favorites. I think I must have purchased around 10 of these now… opps.
  • Bourjois Délice de Soleil Bronzing Powder – £8.99 – I love using this bronzer along with the compact powder, I feel they help even out my skin tone and give a nice subtle glow.
  • HOOLA Bronzing Powder by Benefit – £23.50 – Despite it’s price this my be my all time favorite bronzing powder, it’s absolutely wonderful for using across cheek bones and your forehead to create great complexion or sweep all over for a complete sun kissed glow.
  • Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit- £19.50 – And here we have the biggest essential in my make up collection, the brow kit and my god I worship this brow kit. If you know me you’ll know that I literally carry it around everywhere with me and if I were to be stranded on island with only three possessions, this would be in the list… Trust me if you’re a brow lover, this is the kit for you.
  • The Estee Lauder Eye Pallet I use is actually one they don’t sell anymore however they do sell a new pallet called Pure Color Envy, which have a variety of different shades including nude ones very similar to the ones I use.
  • They’re Real by Benefit – £19.50 – I use this mascara nearly everyday and basically the fact it’s the UK’s number 1 best selling mascara speaks for itself.
  • Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen by Soap and Glory – £6.00- Finding a liquid liner that applied in the felt tip style took me ages to find, as after not long they all started to fade way too quickly however when i discovered this little beauty, I never looked back. It honestly create the most perfect black cat flick.
  • Eye Bright Pencil by Benefit – £15.50 – I’ve been using this eye brightening pencil for over a year now and I can confirm it’s truly a life saver. I use it out the inner and outer corners of my eyes in allowing it to brighten and give me that more wide awake effect.
  • Watt’s Up highlighter – £24.50 – Again a tad on the pricey side, yet for the past year now I’ve had the same one and it’s still going strong, and oh my I absolutely love it! This highlighter works perfectly on cheek and brow bones for highlighting the certain features you want in such a subtle and natural way.

So that’s it, on a day to day basis this is all I use. It does a vary slightly obviously depending on how I’m feeling (or the money in my bank…)

If you fancy anymore posts like this be sure to let me know,

Holl xxx



Who am I?

Think about it who do you really want to be?


It’s a hard question to consider – I know.

 The girl with the slightly hanged head and somewhat drained features is the one which may as well be holding a warning sign right above her head, flashing rapidly claiming – “Do not make human contact with me, many thanks. Not.” She isn’t ever inviting. Yes, you’ll often notice her and she is usually the one that would crave every ounce of attention from any living form.

Or the boy with the bounding full of outstanding confidence and a spring in his step and yet not a care in the world. He doesn’t give the slightest thought to what people may believe of him because despite what they say he will continue in his proceedings. He is the attractor, yet believe it or not he wants a day’s rest from his beloved reputation.

How about the girl who works her ass off just to prove that she is capable of being somebody, that’s her aim. Yet people are intimidated by her strive, knowledge, and determination which gives them all the signs into which they are not good enough.

Strangely when you sit and think about it the world is living in lies. The words in which you speak represent and mean nothing compared to the actions that you make towards the people around you day in and day out. People are bound to judge you by that first smile you make, or the way in which you walk into a room. It’s hardly a judgment fairly made, it seems wrong that to be accepted as a person by another every day you have to be “effortlessly” on your best (mhm, one grumpy face? and you have no bloody chance)

The whole world and human race is completely hypocritical and bonkers I say! Isn’t it us who claim that we should be ourselves? Be you, be you, and be you! Blah, blah, blah, it’s always the same. We stand there and claim that being yourself gets you far in life but does it really? I mean how can it when all we are doing is simply hypocritically judging all of human natures natural creations.

It’s perfectly normal to have one of them daunting clouds above your head one day just as much as it is to be on top of the skies, full gleaming light the next. So, really who the hell are you to stand there and express to a person they aren’t good enough because of a negative approach towards life, the way in which they look or dress, or even to the point of a good gesture.

Thinking my rambling through and submitting it all into a context really it comes back to the question who do you really want to be?

and the truth is, I really have no clue. Yet I feel as if I have to be a certain something in able to be accepted.

I’m not going to sit here inspiring and tell you to “be whoever you want to be” and “to stop making others happy” because despite what I say, I believe as humans we’ve adapted into being able to “Fit In”. Who doesn’t want that really?

So, instead of setting the all too unrealistic goal of being yourself  I’ve had a tiny think into coping through judgement.

Ask yourself – Who do I want to be for my family, my future family, my future partner. Who do I want to be for my children? Who do I want to be for my closest friends?

The people in which look up to you because at some point throughout your time on the planet these people are going to need you, and as you. Think about it, they see you every day or most days. Your children – I’m sure you hope for them to have the best out of life, isn’t that something to strive yourself for? You are also going to find someone, or many someone’s who instantly accept you, love you, and care for you despite your healthy, beauty, personality, weight, color, mood, and traits. From a personal experience I do know how satisfying this can be, so when it starts to maybe fade you fall back into the habit of trying to please them – if this is the case GET THE PERSON OUT OF YOUR LIFE. For Christ sakes. If you manage to proceed in your life to find that however, well done to you, you can stop in making pointless characters in your life happy.

I Imagine myself walking into three rooms.

Number one holds the important beings, ones already playing a huge part in my life, and the ones yet to be. I’d like to believe I can walk into the room, despite mood or appearance, not to be judged. But is that always the case.

Number two holds friends, I mean the groups of friends that even you feel somewhat uncomfortable around. The ones in which are just “there” and ones you could quite easily say good riddance to. and think about it do these people really care about you? Are these the ones in which judge you so less simply because they couldn’t care less?

Lastly, a room full of people you don’t know. Brand new people, people you could be finding great wonders with or people you could one day learn to despise. This could be terrifying or extremely exhilarating – really that makes it magical.

I’ll leave you with that, which one daunts you the most – and really I think that exclaims to you a lot of truth.

Speak soon,


My Personal “Clear Out..”

I’m far from good with decisions, decision making is probably one of my most dreaded things, yet I feel I have reached a point where I need to face my fear. I have some decisions to make.

I feel as if I need a “Clear Out” (and what this is yet to mean I have no clue, haha) – I just feel as if my mind is cramped and over crowded which is only causing a haze, and that leads to the disorientation of my thoughts. The more I think about this “Clear Out” I am coming to realize lately the true cause behind my failure and stumbles is down to people in and out of my life. People are beginning to pull me back rather than push me forward. I mean when you truly sit back and think about it – we as humans appear to be drawn towards the people that fill our hearts with negativity. Why is it so we push away the ones which care?

We carry on attempting endless, pointless, one end conversations with people who simply reply with one word. We like to believe somewhere deep down they may actually have an interest in talking to you, just a friend, yet their lack of effort describes differently.

We have the people who continue to make our lives misery by coming and going as they please, making us feel vulnerable, useless, and powerless.

We have the people who claim to understand, claim that they would find joy in listening to what you have to say, yet it is no fault of theirs I know however “I’m always here for you” doesn’t exactly fill you with much hope.

Why do we keep falling back into wanting the people that make us feel so worthless about ourselves?  because we like to kid ourselves into think they are going to change? That you are suddenly going to become a top priority?

Even to the point of society, we base our lives around even people we don’t know, trying to be this idea of perfect. If we don’t fit in with the rest of the world then where else can we possibly stand.

Negativity simply attracts negative people.

I remember a friend I had once and they were surprisingly very much like myself – which is very unlikely. Never the less we could talk for hours and hours, days and nights, yet never reach the point of boredom. I wondered why this was the case and then I realized – we had never once had a negative conversation. And no! This was not because we felt the need to hide any messed up aspect of our lives however it was because there was so much positivity, kindness and want between our words that it was as if the daunting roles in our lives had been erased. There wasn’t any need for us to discuss our troubles because there wasn’t any.

I guess my theory is – Negativity will only create more negativity. Positivity solves it.

I feel as if I am so blinded, trapped and suffocated in human beings bringing me down. I want to de-clutter myself – if you like. I’ve always truly believed that when you are happy yourself, you attract happy and positive people whereas if you spend your whole time trying to make others happy you realize that they’re the ones that don’t even have slightest ounce of care. I can remember the time in which I thought of my own feelings with depth and allowed people to form effort with me – yes this may sound selfish but I was believed to be a happier person, allowing me to realize I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of me anymore. When you let go like that, it’s wonderful.

I believe it is time to open your eyes to what caring is, and to stop making time for what is not.


Ps. I know I’ve failed with my “Blog challenge” HOWEVER that is to be back on track tomorrow. I have been busy with fiction never the less. I’ve begun a journal, if you wish to read. – https://penzu.com/p

“Stop the lazy Sunday’s”-

Get up and moving!

I miss the times when you could find yourself running through the wind without a care in the world, or climbing a tree without knowing the negative possibilities of falling. I miss being able to fall, (not taking in account I’m the world’s biggest drama queen) and being able to bounce back up. We all miss the days where being outside was practically home, and nature was our best friend. Image

Today I headed back to that home. I decided that sitting around achieving absolutely nothing with my day was something I was sick to death of. So, I took a morning and headed to the forest.

Image It felt so refreshing just to be doing something other than slouching around my bedroom, or contemplating whether to or not get work done. As I know it’s what we tend to achieve on Sunday’s.


We headed off early morning, a slight chill in the air but somehow warming. We walked for miles, and what’s going to the forest without blackberry picking? There were so many, I was shocked! They soon turned into a yummy crumble on the landing to home 😉Image

It seemed so beautiful, and I felt as a human I don’t seem to appreciate tiny little aspects enough. But, who does? Although you’d be extremely surprised how much inspiration I took from my little outing. The atmosphere somehow cleared my writers block, to some extent, I could feel a new world unraveling in my head (But that’s for another story ;-)) I’d love to spend forever writing there. So, there’s a tip for you, writers block? Just head to a forest. Haha.20131006-092052 pm.jpg

I just really felt content and in some sense free. I’ll always be a city girl at heart, but don’t worry, when I’m rich and famous I can aspire to have homes all over the place… And you can always visit.

Ps. What’s your happy place? How do you clear a muggy head from time to time? I’d love to know.

Speak soon,


“I’m a failure, I should give up” –

No! No! No! No! No! You’re wrong.

I’ve never understood why so many people exclaim “learn from your mistakes”.  I found it some what cringe worthy. In fact it seems the saying/s tended to just straight out frustrate me.  I’d wonder why you were meant to feel “hope” from a failure you had managed to make. Isn’t it obvious that you should feel like the end of the world is happening, or there is nothing left you could possibly do. Isn’t that the point of failure?  Well, it’s what humans do and if you hadn’t established already, humans are ridiculous.

I struggle with failure and mistakes I’ll admit, but until the other day I didn’t seem to see that it doesn’t actually mean the end.

“I’ve ruined it, I’ve messed everything up, I’m going to fail” just two days ago I found myself blabbering and sobbing to my English teacher. She squeezed me tightly before repetitively calming me down.

I’d done one thing wrong. Just one thing. Messed a tiny thing up but I created a whirlwind in my mind and she knew. She knew how much I was increasingly rushing the negative thoughts around and around in my confused head. Deep down, I knew it was small, but I convinced myself I wasn’t out to be a writer.

I was a failure.

However, something changed in that moment, she convinced me otherwise. Instead of it being the end, she made be realize it was actually my chance to retry, just a little more wisely. “You know where you’ve gone wrong don’t you? Exactly you won’t do it again” And that’s how I knew.

“If anyone has that something, I know it’s you”

“You’ve got to get that F*** it attitude back”

“I believe you can write, and you can”

And these gave me hope. That hope. She made me believe in myself again, and that giving up wasn’t even an option. She made believe for the first time in my lifetime that I actually have a chance in perusing the things I want. And why? because she believes in me.

I guess all it takes is just one person to reassure you and persuade you to believe that you can achieve what you aspire.

Failure is so easy and giving up is easier however if everyone gave up at the first sign of high drop, where the hell would be as a planet? Probably all still living like monkeys, (or all like the male species ;-))


So, when things get a little tough, or you make a tiny mistake. Don’t let it knock you over, or if you do? Get back up again.

Yeah, so you’ve had a trip from inspirational, soppy, positive Hollie and on that note I need a long bath. Oh the joys of winter.

Speak soon,