♡A tiny bit of Holli ♡

It’s Hollie here, however you’ve probably figured that out. I’m a writer, blogger and lover of life.

I aspire to be a writer, in some form or matter, as when you see me you shall most likely notice me with a notebook and probably writing.  I felt starting the fabby blog would help me in venturing out my ideas and thougts for you all. I want to travel, I want to travel the whole world. I want to meet new people and see new things, and never regret a single thing I do and fail along the way.

I love to run, and I’m a health and shopping freak. So usually my blog will revolve around the world of beauty and fashion or my generally blabbering on about life. (More so my pets we have practically a zoo in my house)

I decide to create ‘hollijess’ as a form of expressing – thoughts, travels, reviews, recipes, writing, love and the feeling of relating to the rest of the world. I hope you find yourself enjoying the journey.

Lots of love and jellytots. ♡


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