Hello Sweet Peas,

I’m beyond the level of excitement right now because guess who’s back? MARINA DIAMANDIS.

And with a track I already adore ‘Froot’, I’ve literally had it on repeat all day, so you should most certainly go check it out. Honestly it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for Marina to release something new and the fact it’s finally here turns me literally into a kid on Christmas Eve.


If you had guessed of knew already Marina Diamandis is by far one of the biggest inspirations in my life for; lyrics, music, personality, body, beauty, and fashion…yeah, you get my point… I practically live for that woman and her music. What I love most is her sincere originality – in each song, each lyric, each album – it creates a world, it creates a story.

That’s why I’m so so looking forward to seeing what her new album has to offer.

You’ve done well Marina!


Speak soon,

Holl xxx


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