Bumble and Bumble Hair Products



Hello Sweet Peas,

I want to just quickly rave (Is that still the right word to use?) about these two amazing products I’ve been using for a good while now.

I have no shame in stating that my hair is by means my pride and joy, I’ve always been known for the girl with long hair and it’s never been any different and that’s forgetting the time I crazily decided to go with the chop… never ever again! This quite clearly means though the condition in which I keep it in is vital however recently I’ve found my ends are weaker, dry and thinner, pretty much resembling rats tails rather than Rapunzel locks (Hey we all know I aspire to be a Disney Princess… Shush!)

So while trying to discover some new products in helping my hair back on it’s tracks I discovered Bumble and Bumble which are a company who produce great and wonderful hair products. They specialize in helping and treating for many different varieties of hair. Personally any product stating ‘Volume’ or ‘Thickening’ scream out for me to pick it up and I love anything that will give my hair that extra texture and umfff! So of course I went straight for the Bumble and Bumble ‘Thickening’ products and I can quite frankly say they work wonders on my locks.

I firstly apply the thickening texture creme onto towel dried and slightly damp hair scrunching and rubbing it into my hair from the roots to tips. Then spray in the hairspray into my roots before giving it another little ruffle and scrunch. It’s always best done on damp hair as they work on your hair as it dries, giving it more volume and texture. I love the festival, beach, ‘done but undone’ look that flows through many different hair styles and out of all the products and salt sprays I’ve continuously tried I can honestly say these two products used together out do everything!

If you’ve used any Bumble and Bumble products let me know what other ranges are great to try?

Speak soon,

Holl xxx



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