The inner Writer – 10 days of writing 7 & 8

Hello Sweet Peas,

Yes, I’m back and still striving through my little writing challenge. Okay yes I know I haven’t exactly stuck to ’10 days’ but hey I’m giving you two days in one here so you can’t complain really 😉 You’ll get 9 & 10 tomorrow also, so shush!

Anyway, I’ve been busy, busy, busy with lots of fictional ideas and upcoming blog posts (Which I promise I will get my bum in to gear and post soon!)

Memories – What are some of your most cherished memories? Did these events create a significant impact on your life today?

Me and memories have an awfully odd relationship. In fact sat here trying to answer that question quite literally scares me, as all of a sudden with such a large possibilities of answers, I feel brain washed. I can’t remember something so significant in which I cherish, unless it comes to me when I least expect it, please say this isn’t only myself?

Yet vaguely over my life so far, I remember wonderful  summers as a child, huge groups of friends and the never ending water fights, in which always resulted to me being the one soaked from head to toe (that’s what you get for being friends with a group of lads Hollie). I like to sit back and remember Christmases, times in which me and my whole family are completely and ease and happy, it allows me to feel enthused towards my own family and future. I adore Christmas and obviously Christmas shopping and I’m probably just weird in the fact thinking about it makes me super excited.. we are only in July.. opps.

In all honesty I don’t believe memories affect us in who we are today because it’s just the memory but they can certainly give us an idea on how to view something in this present moment. I think good memories however are there simply to remind us that positive things are possible in guiding us to the lighter aspects of life. They’re there to pick you back up again and remind you that there are good times and moments, in which we can sit back and smile.

Enchantment – What is your favorite Fairy Tale, Story, Fable, or Myth? How does the story enchant your mind?

You should have all guessed how much I love this topic because I am the worlds biggest Disney and Disney Princess freak…… opps.

As a kid growing up I was the biggest reader from at least around the age of two, I’ve loved fantasy, fairy tales and the whole idea of imagination and other worlds. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to create something completely down to yourself, never created before in which you can make your own. It’s magical.


I have three main favorites – Rapunzel, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. They’re my absolute favorites.

Rapunzel has always been a favorite of mine simply because of her hair, as silly as that may sound, I admired it always as a kid. The only put off was the pink dress…. I never liked pink.. Also, as much I adore the original I am kind of a huge sucker for the Disney animated film version ‘Tangled’, I think it’s made with such a brilliant twist on the story…. and no I do not listen to the sound track..


But that’s why I loved good old Cinderella, now I wanted to be her completely! She was the Disney princess that I completely consider perfect, everyone always said Belle but I liked to differ. Plus I always love the whole idea of the glass slipper and how simply a pair of shoes brought her to her one true love… which in life would never happen. See this is why fantasy is better right? 😉


And lastly, Alice In Wonderland in which I seriously adore the story so so so much and I think it’s because it involves so much fantasy and that beyond pulls me in. I remember my Nana once giving me an old, original, version of the book which I’ve read an absolutely love and as much as love some of the remakes of this story, nothing will ever beat the original. Alice is such a wonderful character and I think as a kid she just reminded me of myself, which is probably why I love the story so much.. I just longed to be Alice… Haha.

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Speak Soon,

Holl xxx


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