The inner writer – 10 days of writing 6

Hello sweet peas,

I hope you’re well and today has treated you wonderfully, even if my day has been a tad on the boring side however I bought new shoes so it can’t all be that bad right? Anyway keeping that short and sweet, here’s today’s little topic (don’t worry it’s not massively in the deep end, you can make that sigh of relief)

Music – Pick three of your favorite songs. What feelings and thoughts do they bring you. Contentment, peace, encouragement, or determination? Have they impacted you?

This is like the worlds most daunting question for anyone of us, I think haha. That dreaded moment when a friend or maybe someone you’ve just met asks – “What’s your favorite song?” because quite frankly how could you ever pick a favorite song. There’s just too many. There is for me anyway, and the fact I most likely get a new favorite every other week, opps. However I’ve really had a think and put my mind to it and just about managed to muster up 3 of my favorite songs, and my favorite lyric from them, oooo (It was beyond hard, believe me)

1- Lies – Marina and The Diamonds: I know I have actually mentioned this one yet I have no denying in that this sogn shall always be a favorite of mine. I couldn’t really express to you what It makes me feel, I just some how feel incredibly close to the lyrics and the song, if that were possible. I feel she always portrays herself in such a strong minded way and I look up to her like no one else. Listening to it kind of sends me off to another little world, where it’s just myself and the wonderful Marina Diamond’s voice (I know I sound beyond deluded, oh well) Either way it sparks some crazy emotion within me, as seeing her perform it live caused me to hysterics, ah well.

“To believe it’s all been worth the fight” – I adore this lyric, simply because so many times I face the whole “Is it worth it” with situations and people and think that’s what we fear as humans. That once we’ve tried our best with someone, we’ll only be hurt or let down, if only we could have the reassurance at the start ey?


2- How To Be A Heart Breaker – Marina and the Diamonds: I know! Another, I’m sorry! Nah I’m not really because again this is seriously one of my favorite songs ever. I found it so hard to pick between this one and ‘Are you satisfied?’ because believe me I love The Family Jewels just as much as good old Electra Heart. Yet, dare I say this song is like my life’s theme tune – If I were to be a film, or my life was a soap this song would be used, in fact make sure it’s played at my funeral, yep. If I’m ever in a bad mood or a bad place, simply play this song to me and I change within seconds. Marina continuously reminds me what it’s like to be strong and independent and a woman, I guess. Her lyrics are literally therapy to my ears, in making me proud of who I am. It makes me incredibly determined to strive for everything I want and not let anyone ever get in the way. And that is this song for you.

I couldn’t pick a favorite lyric from this song because I literally love them all and ladies should most certainly all follow the four rules.


3 – Not Ready To Make Nice – Dixie Chicks: I’ll put my hands up, I’m full on guilty for loving country music and if you’ve never heard to the Dixie Chicks I suggest you check them out because I adore them. This song has an awful lot of meaning to me. I can relate to the lyrics an awful lot and over the years it has supported me and almost guided me through a lot of battles I’ve faced. If I’m ever angry or over thinking a situation, instead of fighting the emotion, I’ll play this song and sing it so loudly I most likely deafen the whole population within 100 feet around me.

Again, I love this whole song yet there is one lyric I really do cherish. It’s how the song starts and how it begins;

Forgive sounds good, forget I’m not sure I could” I love this so much because It’s so easy to forgive someone sometimes because you simply have to, yet the mark and scar they have made is never forgotten. You’ll always remember that and I think that’s what makes moving on so god damn difficult.


Hope you enjoyed today’s post chicka’s but now I’m shattered and my bed is most certainly calling my name,

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


2 thoughts on “The inner writer – 10 days of writing 6

  1. I can totally relate to the first two songs bc Marina is my favourite singer and favourite person ever and her songs supoorted me through my life/youth/growing up/whatever when I was close to giving up.
    Just wanted to say this. And I love your blog btw. xx

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