The inner writer – 10 days of writing 5

Hello sweet peas,

We’ve reached the half way point! (Yes, I know well done me) and I think you’re about to witness me become the most expressive I’ve most likely been, here you go….

Fears – No spiders or horror films. What actually truly scares you in which brings out human emotions? What does it make you fearful? How do you confront it?

Fear has been a big topic up in the old head of mine recently, I’ve come to realize it’s a constant thing I and most of us all have to confront.

Really when you think about it we over analyze and worry with our fears day in day out without realization because they are soon overcome – like crossing the road knowing if you don’t do it safely you could be hit down, yet before you know it you’re happy on the other side.

Now despite loving my blog and my article writing I do love a dabble at fiction writing and recently I’ve been working on a fictional story of two best friends and their journey through anorexia. I’ve set it up like a diary like form, where they both communicate and express their feelings. Strangely, yesterday I actually wrote a diary entry based on fear – yes it is based on my character but obviously I an relate, so I want to share it with you expressing my view on fear.

Fear, I believe isn’t a sign of weakness only a showing of strength. Yet we all continue to fear and no matter how big or small, we continue to believe it leads to all points of negativity. I am trying to view it differently never the less, as just maybe these concerns actually strike the inner demons in transforming me to an actuall hero.

We fear an awful lot throughout this disorder and it’s recovery. It actually supplies you with enough of the stuff, that you could never possibly dream of running out, lucky us right? Not. It’s daunting, draining and an extremely dismal position to face – I can assure you that. So much that everyday through your forcing of survival, you still fear and will continue to fear. It’s like playing fire with fire – you just get a much bigger fire.”

You can let fear bring you down and destroy you or you can take it to your advantage in making you a stronger person. For me it’s truly facing all of them voices that tell me I can’t or I shouldn’t and proving them wrong, it scares the living hell out of me, but the grass has to be greener on the other side.

Have you ever heard the quote “Feel the fear and do it anyway” – it’s one of my favorites and one I most certainly try to live by. It’s also a wonderful book written by Susan Jeffers, in which she writes about ways to face life and deal with fear in may of ways. She uses techniques to face negative thoughts and turn them into positivity, allowing us to strive for what we want.  It’s helped thousands including myself, so I’d highly suggest you go check it out,


Let me know what you think,

Keep smiling and I’ll speak soon,

Holl xxx



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