The inner writer- 10 days of writing 4

Hello sweet peas,

Seriously jumping in the deep end with today’s topic, ooo, be warned…

History – What stories do you know about your family? What do you admire about them? What do you want your grandchildren to remember about you?  What do you want to be known for when you leave the world?

I told you right? so sit back and enjoy me blabbering on.

I had to insert a good old Disney quote, sorry

I had to insert a good old Disney quote, sorry

I know endless stories about my Nana and Grandad, I think that’s something we all love, sitting back and listening to the ‘good old days’, the memories and of course the wonderful story of ‘how they met’. I’ve heard about my Granddad’s great old tricks at school multiple times, yet they never fail to make me smile – the old blowing up a toad in the teachers fireplace is always a good one to tell. I want to jump straight into why I’m admired by them. They remind me of the realities of life and what it means to truly care about someone, I’ll forever treasure that.

Half the time I’m in stitches over them winding each other up, my Nana claiming my Granddad hasn’t done something or my Granddad’s constant ‘just make a list’ before Nana leave the house. And of course my all time favorite, the fact half the time they both can’t even bloody hear each other. Yet if you observe closely, you notice how my Grandad never fails to remind me what a wonderful woman she is or how they both constantly sing with each other around the kitchen and how my Grandad is forever making sure my Nana is okay and happy. What amazes me is they’ve known each other since they were 16, had three children, been to hell and back and are yet still striving. Still loving one another, still laughing at the same jokes, still dancing the same old jives. They represent to me what it is to be happy with someone. What it’s like to know someone inside and out, their awful points and their most brilliant points, yet still strive everyday only to end it with knowing you aren’t alone. I don’t intend this in the soppiest way in that it sounds, only the fact I see them like true companions and what living with someone should be like. Not perfect but satisfying, for yourself and the people around you.

That brings me to my next point – my own grandchildren (well I hope I have them, and can hope they like me… haha) Another reason I admire my Nana is with how determined and strong that woman is towards literally everything that is thrown at her in life. I look up to her so much and live each day hoping that just some day my own grandchildren will see me in this way. Plus I hope to be as fit and full of life by this time also, as my Nana still goes to the gym everyday without fail… yeah bet you feel lazy now 😉

I love this next question – What do you want to be remembered for when you leave the world? Now, you know me I’m an extremely huge believer in going for what you want despite what anyone else thinks or says about it. I want to write for the world and around the world and trust me I’m a stubborn bugger and won’t stop until I reach that. I want to be known for my writing. I want people to always remember that, that was something I loved to do most. I guess that’s the big picture of it all, yet even if I just ouch and inspire one person somewhere in remembering me I’ll be satisfied because I can surely say I still did it.


Independence is another big factor I’d hope people know me for. I want to be known as someone who can strive and survive on their own. Not be alone because who wants that? but to know that “Yes I can bloody do this, I can do whatever the hell I like” because it most usually attracts the world around you. It’s confidence, I want to be known for this.


However in a smaller light, I’d hope the people around me; family and friends come to remember me in the smallest of details – smiles and laughs and all the stupid things I’m bound to do, haha. I’d like to be remembered in the best ways possible, then again don’t we all?

I believe every human should make history in some way or another, whether that’s within your little family, towards a close friend or proving something to the whole entire world. You’re not here living, breathing and gaining chances for very long and you have a story to make. So as my favorite doctor Matt Smith once said “make it a good one”

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


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