The inner writer – 10 days of writing 2

Okay, I know I’ve already failed at sticking to ’10 days’ but hey I’ll never change (I’m working on it okay ;-)) The past few days I haven’t even had a minute to sit down and blog never mind begin to think of what to create beneath my fingertips.

Never the less, I feel today’s little topic suits the day far better, it’s mumma’s birthday! Wahey!


Happiness – What is your own secret for happiness? What one word would you use to describe in how to be truly happy?

I think this topic can be extremely blown out of proportion, we all answer in similar ways and along extremely unoriginal lines. We’ll claim the obvious – family, friends, love, shopping, eating, running, dancing and so on – I mean of course these things are there to supply us with happiness yet despite the joy they bring us we continuously take them for granted. Doesn’t that kind of give the idea of happiness a hint of false hope?

My secret for happiness? Don’t try, which probably sounds extremely weird but yes you heard – don’t try. Trying to be happy will lead you nowhere because honestly, if you are having to try at the start, you mustn’t be truly happy at all. I believe in time happiness will come at it’s own pace and one day you’ll stop for a second and realize that you’re no longer worrying about the job interview coming up or don’t seem to have the slightly ounce of care about what the girl sat opposite thinks of you. That’s happiness, when you can let go, let go and not even try because you already are.

Of course, I have to follow the crowd and with today being Mumma’s birthday, I want to state how bloody happy that woman makes me. I cannot even express how much I treasure her and days like today, again we are off to Nana’s for a ‘Birthday BBQ’ (however of course the great British weather has lead us to the classic indoor BBQ, great) Never the less our little family get together always puts a huge smile on my face. They allow me to be truly happy and I believe when we all come together the buzz always creates a warm happiness, well when my sister isn’t being the moodiest creature to walk the Earth (oh the joys of 12 year olds)

I guess when it comes down the it, each and every one of us interpret happiness in each and every possible way but that’s what makes it so wonderful. If something makes you happy in which you truly believe, never let anyone stand in the way of that.

And if you find yourself not so happy today, think of all the reasons you should be rather than not, put a smile upon your face and I swear it can work miracles.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


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