MALIN + GOTEZ – Facial Care review

Hello sweet peas,

I think I’ve fallen in love with a face moisturizer, if that’s even humanly possible…. Actually it’s probably just a god damn miracle, as myself and face moisturizers never EVER get along to well. I suffer with the wonderful blessing of oily and dry skin, so as you can imagine keeping my fresh face well moisturized shall forever be a challenge.

However when excitedly receiving my Elle magazine in the post this month, received three of the cutest little testers from MALIN + GOTEZ facial care selection.


In all honesty I hadn’t actually heard of MALIN + GOTEZ before as they are an American company, opps.. So I was a little baffled into how good these actually were going to be, yet once again Elle hasn’t disappointed me in the slightest.

Another great burden in my life is the delight of sensitive skin, of course meaning finding products that don’t cause complete irritant to my skin, making it 10x worse than better. Lovely. So I was slightly cautious of trying these out but my god I’m glad I did. I firstly tried the moisturizer and after expecting to wake up with red blotches or a tonne of spots, I was very much proven wrong.  I woke and my skin felt absolutely AMAZING, I was incredibly shocked, which led to me repeatedly stroking my face…… (normality has never been my thing)

I straight away then had to try out the facial wash, which my I add is grapefruit scented, which my just be one of my favorite smells EVER! Yes yes I have a list of my favorite smells..

  • Anything grapefruit flavored
  • Cinnamon
  • Suncream
  • Melted chocolate

It’s perfectly normal to enjoy smells such of these, okay… 😉

Anyway, again the facial wash really didn’t disappoint I used it morning and night and yet again woke with great looking and feeling skin.

Due to these I obviously had to go and research into more of the wonderful MALIN + GOTEZ’s products and have discovered they do the most wonderful products from facial to hair to body – for acne and all different suited types of skin.

The only downer it is rather pricey yet I managed to find somewhere in the UK who sells a 118ml bottle of the moisturizer for £36.00 which I’ve decided I shall most certainly be purchasing. I also really look forward to looking into a lot more of their products. Such as their peppermint shampoo because if you know me I’m the biggest peppermint freak.. I basically live on peppermint tea.

I think I’m just gobsmacked I’ve actually found something that works for my wonderfully awkward skin, wahey! So, if you’re like me and really struggle to find the right products I would highly recommended checking these out.

This post has been a little different to usual, should I try and do a few more like this?

Have a wonderful evening, day, morning… whenever you’re actually reading this, haha.

Speak soon,

Holl xxx


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