The inner writer – 10 days of writing

Hello sweet peas,

I have something a little new for you! So lately I’ve actually been bursting to the seams with fictional ideas, jotting things down and continuously finding myself inspired from my surroundings and the people around me. Any writer will tell you that when this occurs it’s the most fantastic feeling, the never ending possibilities your single mind is making, letting you create whatever you wish.

With all this inspiration, I thought I’d use my writing in doing a little challenge in helping me and you discover a little deeper into myself through life and as a writer.

Branding – What word best describes your personality? How does it affect you as a writer? How does it perceive you?

I’ve always found this hard, I mean how can we describe ourselves? without being negative or extremely positive?

One things that probably does say a lot about my personality is I hate the idea of actually being ‘branded’. As I’ve grown and studied people, I’ve realized that constantly day in day out all we ever seem to be is labeled, like we should all be in our own little groups following these silly rules. Rules to ‘fit in’ and I guess up to some extent feel and be accepted, leading to trying to constantly please every single person around us because that will make us happy right?

I’m very opinionated towards this and I guess you could then state me being a little bit stubborn (or a lot)

That’s me – stubborn because If I have a point to make or something to prove, I’ll back it until there is literally nothing left to prove.

Lately, I lot of my fictional characters have reflected me quite a lot and most of the females I create are actually rather moody and stubborn, opps. I’m not trying to say I’m a complete downer because another thing I most certainly like to portray is smiling.

So the happier me would claim to be the biggest smiler in the world, again something one of my most recent characters is known best for – her smile. I was once shopping and some lovely lady who reminded me of my Nana came up to me as I was browsing the shoes (of course) and claimed how my smile literally lit up the whole room, and how nice it was to see a young girl so genuinely happy. I’ve never forgotten this and I think something to wonderful as that to be noticed for, is quite frankly better than any other thing in the world.


It’s good from time to time to think of how you actually perceive yourself and recall on how you actually are as a person. Like sometimes my stubbornness ruins so many chances and opportunities – so I’m most certainly working on that.

Speak soon, (Well tomorrow ;-))

Holl xxx



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