A Murder Mystery – MouseTrap


I love the theater! I always have done from being as young as I can remember (I’m a literature freak, common of course I do!)  I love the atmosphere and the experience of watching someone acted so wonderfully right before you. It supplies you with a much warmer feeling than attending the cinema or slouching on your couch in front of you poxy screen at home. The lights, the action and the impression in leaves is completely extra ordinary.

As I am seeming to have more and more time on my hands recently, there was no doubt in my mind when my Nana asked if I’d like to go to the theater to watch Mouse Trap 60th anniversary tour, with her on Tuesday night (Plus I’m the only one in the family that even would…Haha). The night turned out fabulous and it was so nice just to spend time out and genuinely enjoying something within humanity. Even if we did spend half an hour people watching and laughing at them.. opps (Granddaughter like Nana ey ;-))



20140612-111346 am.jpgAnyway on to the play, if you didn’t know Mouse Trap is a murder mystery and is currently on it’s 62nd year with over 250,000 acted shows. It’s the longest running stage show in history and needed to see it. I actually had never read the book before I went so I was slightly doubted into what to expect, yet it was wonderful. The acting was brilliant, the cast were fantastic and the telling of the story was so well done.

20140612-111357 am.jpg

The Mousetrap on Tour

Unfortunately pictures obviously weren’t aloud to be taken throughout the play however I was that hooked into it I don’t think I’d even wanted to. It wasn’t even till half time that I realized my bum had gone completely numb and I’d polished off my drink…opps..

I’d love to express to you the murderer and tell you how it ended but I wouldn’t want to spoil it, (plus I’m drawn the secrecy ;-)) however it was completely unexpected and really finished the play off perfectly.

If you really want to know you shall have to find out yourself… trust me, you wouldn’t regret it!

20140612-111406 am.jpg

The night was so so good and me an Nana have decided more theater trips are needed – I think The Woman In Black is next on the list ooo.

I also loved what I was wearing, so here’s a little OOTD, kinda….

Top – Miss Selfridges

Skirt- ASOS- I adore this skirt and it’s perfect for spring because it’s light, not too cold and not too hot, plus it was reasonable priced £22. Bargin!


Also, I know I missed the lil recipe yesterday, I do apologies I was just completely rushed off my feet and before I knew it, it was 11pm and I needed my bed. However I’m not leaving you hanging! I do have one ready and I shall pop it up later. Two blog posts in one day… aren’t you lucky 😉

Never the less, I am now off to enjoy the sun!

Speak soon,

Holl xx



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