Coconut, Bluberry and Banana Pro-Oats – Recipe Lovin’ Wednesday


Hello you,

I’m back! Just like I promised, see I said I would, you should be extremely proud!

So in being back so soon, I’ve decided the best way forward in for filling your wonderful reader needs is structure, which is why I’m now introducing – *drum roll* – Recipe Lovin’ Wednesday’s’. Yep, you heard a day all dedicated to healthy, delicious recipes.

If you follow me on the world of insta or twitter you shall know I am the worlds biggest loser for trying out new, healthy, yummy recipes (especially them AMAZING breakfast recipes, I mean who doesn’t love breakfast?) I’m not even joking when I say I have at least 30 oatmeal recipes and combinations to share with the world, best get started…

So, lets kick this off with – Coconut, Blueberry, and Banana ‘Pro-oats’

Mmmmm, you heard! I actually had these for breakfast this morning and let me tell you – they were devineee. They were the fluffiest, yummiest oats I’ve made in a long time (and I make them an awful lot ;-)) So, I had no choice but to share this simple yet wonderful combination with you.

The ingredients

  • 30/40g Steel Cut/Porridge Oats ( Or preferred amount)
  • 100ml coconut milk
  • 150ml water ( Or 250ml coconut milk if desired)
  • Half banana mashed and half sliced
  • Handful of frozen blueberries (and extra for toppings)
  • 2/3 egg whites (Depending on the size)
  • Cinnamon/Nutmeg (Or any other sweetener eg. vanilla essence, these are also optional but just help add a lot of flavor to your oats)
  • Optional – Flaked almonds (Or any other desired toppings)



It’s unbelievable how quick and easy this recipe actually is, and with even having only an hour and half to get ready this morning I still managed to find time to demolish this.

So, you simply start by bringing your coconut milk and water to high heat just so the liquid begins to boil. After that reduce the heat and pour in your oats and begin to gently stir, add in your cinnamon and nutmeg and leave to boil.

You’ll then notice your oats staring to thicken slightly in which you then add the mashed up banana, this is great as it still gives it time to melt into your oats, again playing a wonderful sweetener. Then follow with the frozen blueberries, it’s actually your choice if you want the blueberries frozen or not  (I just prefer them frozen as they melt way better, even if they do make an icky colour, haha) Give your oatmeal another stir and leave it a bit longer (usually a 2/3 more minutes) or until it’s at your desired constancy.

Now you can stop here if you don’t require the ‘pro-oats’ part of this recipe, but you know me I’m a protein freak and will always add lil bit of protein when I can. Egg whites are the answer! Yes, egg whites – it sounds bizzaree I know, yet it’s the yummiest combination on the planet. Don’t be fooled either, when you first try this your taste buds will more than likely be freaked out, yet as soon as you carry on tasting you become completely hooked. I cannot have my oats without egg whites anymore because I would simply miss the creaminess and fluffiness that it provides (honestly the oats turn into some massive pillow, I swear)

So, just when your oats about done, stir in the egg whites and make sure to carry on string for a good minute just so the egg mixes in well and doesn’t set and cook in the oats. You’ll notice the consistency of the oats become suddenly very thick and soon they will begin to bubble and you know you’re good to go.

Obviously you can top your oats with whatever you fancy (you’ll soon see many creations ;-)) however I decided to carry on the theme or todays breakfast and top with the rest of the banana, more frozen blueberries, a sprinkle of cinnamon and also flaked almonds which add that little bit of crunch. But I’d highly recommend any seed, nuts or raisins as they finish the oats off perfectly!20140604-055604-pm.jpg20140604-080225-pm.jpg

And there you have it! See simple? if you love oats as much as me, I’d certainly try this.

Also, if you have any recipe requests be sure to let me know! If not make sure to catch next Wednesday’s – Sweet Omelet 

I have also added a cheeky new page to my blog, in which if you’re lazy , you can simply be nosy on a few snaps of me and daily life, ooo aren’t you lucky…

Speak soon,

Holl xx


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