Spring Clean

I woke this morning expecting to be greeted with the joys of the rain and gloom on the other side of the blind, yet to my surprise there was sun and come on you know me by now – I adore sun! So much I jumped out of bed and nearly went flying over the blasted fluffy pillow. I really am starting to wonder why I still even live in this country when the constant lifeless weather only makes me god damn miserable 24/7. And the fact anything under 1o degrees causes me to sink into hypothermia. Never the less I then decided it was time to get up off my bum and venture out to run. Being a runner it was of course an absolute dream. It was beyond amazing everywhere was so still and peaceful and in going so early I literally felt like the only human being left on the planet (despite the odd man and his dog, but I guess I can accept them ;-)) I probably sound beyond weird but as a runner you come to appreciate these things, so shush!20140601-104906-am.jpg

Also what’s better than feeling healthy and refreshed? Up, ran, showered and dressed all by 10, it’s a wonderful feeling because it’s lead me to think, I need a ‘spring clean’, (and yes I mean with my blog, I FEEL CLUTTERED)

My writing motivation lately has dropped to -100000, which is supposedly a worry considering it’s one of the only things I enjoy. So, this morning I’ve sat down with my lil post-run shake and the wonders of my Disney stationary and realized I actually have some time on my hands. So what better time to write? Of course time to blog, and time to de-clutter! Reading over some of my posts, I’m beginning to wonder if I was deluded or simply just high in the times I wrote these. Who knows.20140601-105024-am.jpg

Now of course I want to be as entertaining as humanly possible and and enjoyable read (what blogger doesn’t?) So, I’ve decided to start bringing in some new little bits and bobs to suit your fancy. Nah I’m actually lazy and I just asked a few people what they’d like 😉

I’m a complete health freak so recipes is the first new little venture, I have so many breakfast and oat recipes that they’re literally going to over flow. I need to share that oatmeal loving., literally craving my breakfast this morning all again now, opps.20140601-105014-am.jpg

Outfit inspirations/hauls/favorite posts have been also requested. I’ve always fancied giving these a go because I’m the worlds biggest shopper (I have no shame!)

Book and film reviews! I’m a writer, of course I read (I said I was a big shopper, I have a pile of 30 waiting for summer… oppssss..)

I also want to carry on with my writing posts, fiction, poems ect, and also my everyday life to life posts because who doesn’t love a good old natter? Also with summer on it’s way, I shall be on my little travels a lot more, I just about passed photography so I suppose I could supply you with some wonders……. haha.

I have lots of plans for posts coming soon, and I’m going to try and get back onto blogging as much a I possibly can.

If you have any ideas, let me know.

And on that note I’ll finish with a little outfit of the day, the suns out, I’m happy what can I say?20140601-105007-am.jpg

Top- Miss Selfridge – they have loads of these tops at the moment, they’re super comfy

Shorts- New Look

Nail Varnish – Jelly Shine Barry M- literally adore this range, I’m a nail varnish freak

You can always catch me on

Instagram – holllijess or Twitter- jessicaholli

Speak soon,






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