Ready for summer?

Oh god, yes, I am!

The thought and my desperate need for warm weather and summer nights is now causing me to go slightly insane, to the point yes I’ve already got the flip-flops out and the sun chairs have appeared. The suns been out for a day, Hollie what are you doing! But hey, I live in a country where we are all slightly bonkers and think 14c means a bloody heatwave.

So, yeah you could say I’m ready for the ‘wonder wonders’ of British summers…

Nah, in all honesty our summers can be okay (when the weather man isn’t lying about scorching temperatures) sitting in the garden with my beloved Pimms, long walks and sunnies, BBQ’s and laughs and getting together with people. Exploring and actually getting out the house from our daunting winter cocoons. I hate the way winter almost deprives people from life – I went for a lovely walk yesterday and in all honesty (as much as I claim to despise the human race) it was so lovely to see the world almost come alive. There were happy faces literally everywhere!

Then again it is Easter and I think everyone’s just looking forward to a weekend of getting obese on Easter Eggs. I hate to admit, as I’m not actually the biggest chocolate lover but I am really looking forward to the Percy Pig Easter Egg I have waiting for me – yes Marks n Sparks you’ve done me proud! I actually love anything Easter related though because as well as being a huge kid, I’m secretly the biggest girl because if you put a cute little fluffy chick or bunny in front of me I will ‘AWW’ to the complete extreme. And of course, I did that in the shop and was obliged to buy the little buggers. And whats little chicks without a bit of Easter baking…… 20140419-025133-pm.jpg

So yeah, as well as getting into wonderful Easter Spirit I’ve been trying to convince myself summer is nearly here….. Who am I kidding! Someone just take me away to a lovely exotic island? I need cocktails and sunbeds please.

Speak soon,



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