McBusted lovin’

Oh my lord, I’m having serious after gig depression.20140420-113057-am.jpg

So yeah last night the night finally in wwhich I’ve be desperately waiting for, where I relived my childhood to the max.

Yes, you saw I had to go to the McBusted 2014 tour, and let me just clarify how bloody fantastic it was.

If you’d known the younger Hollie and the times of Busted, you shall know that I was the most biggest, craziest fan on the planet. I knew the songs inside out, I had each album at least twice, and they were my first gig (LIL JAMES WAS PERFECT) I can remember me and my group of friends at the time used to sing and sing and sing until we couldn’t possibly sing no more. And in all honesty them times were such good memories, so last night was like a blast back to all them wonderful times.

The day they claimed to be going separate ways broke my heart, honestly, they had let me have things in common with my group of friends at the time, they had made me extremely happy and the fact they were splitting literally upset us all.

Okay, I sound super crazy and obsessed now BUT you don’t understand how much I loved them (James was always the love of my life ;-), haha)

James joined Son Of Dork for about a year, then that failed, so again my disappointments hit the roof. I never in a million years thoughts I’d hear the news…..

…..Then…. there was McBusted!, this completely shocked me. I can remember sitting in my room thinking “This has to be some kind of joke”… then of course I screamed, as I realized it was becoming reality, and I don’t think I’ve ran down the stairs so fast. My mum thought I was having a heart attack, quite literally.20140420-113124-am.jpg

After probably loosing about a stone from excitement, I finally calmed down and exclaimed how much we needed tickets, so of course we got them. However it seemed so far away, then all of a sudden it was here!

Last night I was literally bursting with excitement, I didn’t really know what to expect or how to react, I can just remember sitting there in anticipation as the arena filled. The support act seemed to go on forever…. haha.

Then I lost it, James was there in front of me on stage, and you could say I died even more. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so much. I felt like I outdid the whole bloody arena. But I didn’t care I was COMPLETELY in my element. You probably hate me right now but can I clarify I also do love McFly, which is why I probably went so crazy because both bands together is like lsdgndfkbgjnkgjngt. Whatever that means.

As a kid I was never the ‘girly girl’, all my friends were male and you’d never catch me in a dress and sandals. And of course being the biggest busted fan, thunder birds soon became my favorite film and song. I lived by Busted and Thunder Birds like they were a religion.

The best thing about it was, I really didn’t think they were going to sing Thunderbirds, so when they started the countdown god I was nearly in tears. I literally forgot everything in my life and for that moment everything was actually perfect. Even if I lost my voice a little after…..

So yes, McBusted, you’ve done me bloody proud and I guess it proves that going back to something you’ve always loved is a huge benefit. It made me realize how petty little things in life don’t matter if you’re happy in that one moment.

And a Happy Easter!!!! i’m going to spend the day in Busted blues and drowning in chocolate because why not! Hahaha! I hope the Easter Bunny has treated you well 😉

Speak soon,





Ready for summer?

Oh god, yes, I am!

The thought and my desperate need for warm weather and summer nights is now causing me to go slightly insane, to the point yes I’ve already got the flip-flops out and the sun chairs have appeared. The suns been out for a day, Hollie what are you doing! But hey, I live in a country where we are all slightly bonkers and think 14c means a bloody heatwave.

So, yeah you could say I’m ready for the ‘wonder wonders’ of British summers…

Nah, in all honesty our summers can be okay (when the weather man isn’t lying about scorching temperatures) sitting in the garden with my beloved Pimms, long walks and sunnies, BBQ’s and laughs and getting together with people. Exploring and actually getting out the house from our daunting winter cocoons. I hate the way winter almost deprives people from life – I went for a lovely walk yesterday and in all honesty (as much as I claim to despise the human race) it was so lovely to see the world almost come alive. There were happy faces literally everywhere!

Then again it is Easter and I think everyone’s just looking forward to a weekend of getting obese on Easter Eggs. I hate to admit, as I’m not actually the biggest chocolate lover but I am really looking forward to the Percy Pig Easter Egg I have waiting for me – yes Marks n Sparks you’ve done me proud! I actually love anything Easter related though because as well as being a huge kid, I’m secretly the biggest girl because if you put a cute little fluffy chick or bunny in front of me I will ‘AWW’ to the complete extreme. And of course, I did that in the shop and was obliged to buy the little buggers. And whats little chicks without a bit of Easter baking…… 20140419-025133-pm.jpg

So yeah, as well as getting into wonderful Easter Spirit I’ve been trying to convince myself summer is nearly here….. Who am I kidding! Someone just take me away to a lovely exotic island? I need cocktails and sunbeds please.

Speak soon,


Lil’ positivety bunny

1. IT’S NEARLY EASTER!! So, yes bunnies, and flowers and cute things.

2.It’s been a while.. I know, SHOOT ME! But I’ve been rather busy for once, and actually have put all forms of writing to the back of my mind. But I felt it was time for a cheeky blog post, and one in which I haven’t done for a while (yep where I simply blabber on about a pointless topic into which makes my life look slightly interesting.. hahah)

Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling a whole more positive towards numerous aspects of my life and it’s such a wonderful feeling. It almost makes you feel like you’ve had a complete ‘brain detox’ – which hands me a whole new load of control, and in any case when you have control over important things, everything seems to flow a lot easier. If you are anything like myself, you love control over things and aspects of your life in which you know could fail. So when things do get a little bumpy, it’s like thee world is somewhat ending and we head to things such as addictions, or simply feeling everything else shall go wrong.

Taking that into account I decided to create a little positive list of things you may want to try on our ‘brain detox’ if you like..

1- It sounds so strangely obvious BUT surround yourself with positive people (I know, I know easier said than done) yet I find when I’m around people with even just a smile on their face, my mood is quickly improved. I think it’s healthy to help others and listen to their worries and problems, but not 24/7! If they’re loading onto you that much that it’s pulling you down also, then get out of it, or take action in helping them rather than being drowned in their sorrows. I don’t want to sound harsh here, haha, yet believe me even if you’re having an off day find someone who can lift your spirits. Have a conversation about something you’re both interested in, or something you can sit and laugh about and before you know it you’ll be smiling also!

2- Drink more water, I don’t really think many people believe this theory but I 100% promise it’s true! In the last month I decided I was drinking way too much coffee and tea, way more than 20 cups a day, which is crazy! My god, I didn’t realize how drained and ‘clogged’ up (I can’t think of another word,.. shush) it was actually making me feel- along with the caffeine keeping me awake at night. So, I decided to reduce it and try drinking as much water as I could. Eventually I lost interest in coffee all together and started drinking herbal teas and also my favorite lemon green tea. I’ve started sleeping at normal times, and whenever I drink a cup of coffee now I feel strangely ‘icky’, haha. It’s like it’s helped me think freely, try it!

3- Spend time with your family, this probably sounds soppy yet again it’s very true. I love spending time with my mum and sister however that is because we have an extremely strong relationship. So, my advice to you is, if you don’t have a strong relationship with your parents or other family members, spend a little time with them. Do something you’ll both enjoy, it’ll surprise them and you might even surprise yourself. It’ll be refreshing. And if you don’t enjoy it, sue me 😉

4- Do something completely spontaneous regulary,  again because I enjoy control, I enjoy things to be set and planned. Half the time this drives me completely insane, and rather than keeping me happy actually leads me to feeling miserable because it highlights no control at all. So, sometimes it’s healthy just to let go. Decide to do something completely unplanned and unexpected, and in any aspect whether it be a fear, or a food, or speaking out. Just do it. Don’t over think things.

5- Don’t always be caught up on what you want out of life, now I know this is quite the opposite of what people usually say, it’s usually “go for your dreams”, or “remember what you want out of your future” blah blah blah. And yes, don’t get me wrong I agree because I don’t think anyone knows what they want out life more than myself, yet even sometimes that drains me. I’m constantly trying to think “don’t give up, you want to much out of life” and how much I want to succeed in my career as a writer. We have no clue how the future is going to pan out, and sometimes that can transform into dread rather than positivity. Have goals and dream, yes, but sometimes stop and simply think what wonderful things do I have right this second?

So, yes I’ve blabbered but hey! Who doesn’t love a good old blabbering post?

Speak soon,