I was surprisingly up late last night, I had tried to find some spark of any creativity throughout the entire day but it seems that I have been completely brain washed from any possible idea out there. Then my head finally hits the pillow and DAMN! – mind is actually beyond racing.

I could write about myself, turn a character into somewhat everything I am or what I aspire to be. Then I stuffed that idea and realized she deserved to be her own person (we all want that, right?)

In a way that screamed who she was at me.

That’s when I created Luce.

Luce is stubborn, that is the first thing you should know (not that you wont acknowledge this) however she is misleading. She’s a content girl contradictorily her actions allow you to think differently. She has mood swings in the sense one day, she’ll be reasonable, kind, maybe try to make a decent conversation then the others she may as well come with a warning sign on her head. I sense that she can have rages allowing her to be slightly outgoing, yet moody at the same time. She’s intelligent yet doesn’t seem to be in contact with her qualities, so will simply dismay the fact.

The actual dreams and goals in which she keeps tightly locked away in her head are beyond belief – she aspires to be a song writer, maybe even discover her vocal chords. This seems very unrealistic to her however, you see, despite Luce’s upfront, hard faced, adamant personality – she is full of false hope. Others see this as a warning sign, a sign to stay away however Luce just believes this simply makes her average.

As a writer, it would be impossible for her to lack emotion despite her constant attitude towards despising human feelings. The people who mean the most are the ones she shall always defend for. You’ll know when you have broke through to her and you will never look back.

I’ve only brought appearance up until now because I believe the lack of interest portrays how Luce really is. Yes, she does have interest in how she looks and what she wears like any other teenage girl of 17, although I do imagine her to be quite average, an average looking girl. Strangely I also imagine her to have a strong connection with Dr. martens but yeah. She has short hair, actually flows past her shoulders slightly, she refuses it to be long as she “simply cannot stand it” (And yes that was in her all too perky, stubborn tone) she does keep it in great condition though. It always looks good – wavy, straight, messy, neat. I guess I believe that reflects her mood. Her eyes are identical to her hair color, which pleases her in an organized form. Deep yet warming hazel, tips slightly naturally lightened portraying her admiration for the sun, along with her evenly, perfect tanned skin. this also brings out the faint, barely noticeable but cute freckles that lay upon her arms and sun kissed cheeks. Imagine she lives in a exotic and warm country, have you guessed? Luce is a reasonable size 5′ 4 to be exact, not too small and not too tall.

She mingles in a small group of friends and really that’s enough for her, she’d never intend in hurting anyone yet she does see them there as just “something to do”. She does however enjoy socializing, she’s a messy drunk though and tends to crash any party she can find, I am creating split personality, what can I say! She enjoys her own company really, well along with her cat, which I know is rather unoriginal but she seems the type, common. She does enjoy to read and loves to replay all of them stereotypical horrors while eating a crap load of popcorn – only salted though.

She is a fantasist yet down to earth. She likes people to be straight to the point to the point, yet believes there is something way bigger, waiting for her. She is a hopeful person, ideally. She dreams of traveling, everywhere, finding some inspiration and meeting new people. Yet she finds that so many things hold her back.  Like the fact she still works in her mums tiny family business “Ocean Cafe” – Luce has always hated the name, irony isn’t her strong point. Putting aside the fact she has always wanted more, she does love helping there, some days she believes it to be home. She knows the locals, and she loves meeting new tourists and travelers to there small little town (even if she does tend to exclaim how unexciting the place actually is)

She has an okay relationship with here mum, it’s just the two of them however with them both working incredible amounts it’s hard to even catch a glimpse of each other. They do like to leave each other little post stick notes around everywhere though – Luce enjoys it, it’s comfort she would hate to admit.

Sometimes she believes that one day someone exactly like herself will walk through the door, the little bell above will chime, and they can run away and write happily for the rest of their lives. She always hit back to reality though, and laughs and believe me I imagine her with the worst, ugliest laugh, I have no idea why.

I feel she was slightly inspired by a song – “Carry you home” by James Blunt. and the lyric – Trouble is her only friend and he’s back again. 

I want her to have a story that creates hope of exploring and trusting the world. Is she going to find what she has always striven? I hope so.

I have other characters lined up – Betty and Josh are going to play a huge part, which are actually inspired by a few people in my life.

I have yet to discover of Luce and what her story may or may not be. I guess you can create to what you please.



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