Blast to the past, with potential down pour of happiness

Blogging, writing, expressing is a huge passion of mine and I am determined to keep going and strive to achieve something along the concept. Who knows maybe one day I’ll be the next best journalist or columnist or maybe even expressing my love for English to your child, haha. Never the less, I think it’s such a lovely feeling in know what I want to strive for.

I’ll admit, I use this blog as a way of expression but I feel I have no flow to it, as I don’t really stick to planning or set times to post. In ways I would like to change this, but in all honesty? I’m never going to be organized and planned am I, lets face it!

So, as I sit here feeling ever so sophisticated with my teapot and cute little mug, and a cheeky biccy (yes this makes me a classy lady!) I feel rather happy. Then I look outside. Okay lets observe the rain, I get a complete sense of dread, I’m pretty sure you do to. In a sense I associate the rain in with when something negative happens. You can almost imagine yourself walking around with big, black dark cloud lingering over your head whenever you appear to be in one of them daunting places.

Along the lines of bad weather having a little connection with all our mood swings of hell (or maybe you even go as far as blaming the down pour for you miserable face!) is there actually any way in which we can change this view? Let’s find a memory.

Long, boring, and slightly tiring car journeys aren’t exactly top on your list of exciting things to be doing with your time however when your a kid you could possibly disagree. If the rain was hammering down, of course it was a huge bonus – rain races! They were simply the best. I loved them because who doesn’t enjoy the hope in that their little raindrop wins the race.

As I recall this bizarre memory, I begin to remember a few more times in my childhood. I loved my childhood and I think every now and then it’s healthy to remind yourself of some of the simplest but happiest times in your life. I can recall one of mine and my sisters more joyful moments (yes I love her to bits now, but we had the tendency to argue rather a lot) Yet strangely when the weather seemed dull and the idea of running around with friends and climbing trees was out of the window, we’d have to turn to each other. And of course destroying and trampling all over your mums best cushions was the consideration of ‘fun’.

Yes, you know exactly what I’m blabbering on about – the floor turned into a boiling pool of life threatening lava, and the only way to survive was the trample on what is considered ‘our best furniture’ .

Rainy days are what I think as ‘cosy’ days also, rather than dreary days, or in other words ‘nana’ days (or Grandma, Nana, Nannie! Whatever to your satisfaction ;-)) Because from as young as 2 years old, I can recall lots of heart warming little things i’d very much like to treasure now.

A quick nip to the garden centre, leading to a day of ‘treating’ her granddaughter 😉

A wonderful excuse to bake! Bake a huge cake – Victoria sponge was and always will be the favourite and of course this had to be accompanied with a complain of pretty sandwiches (I mean common what are Nana’s for)

I guess as I got older my days with my Nan, more so the rainy days I cherished even more. They’re truly the time in which I could forget ‘growing up’ to some extent and the reputation that was to be brought  along with it. I could relax and still be what felt like a happy free five year old.

I guess I’m loosing the point of this blog post, but hey a bit of good old rambling is good! Really, what I’m trying to say is that we all turn straight for the negatives. So if you find yourself feeling dread or negatively towards something ie. the weather, have a little go at referring it to something in which fills you with that little extra cheer.

Never the less, summer shall soon be here and we shall open up from hibernation and be re informed litttle bundles of joy 😉

Speak soon,



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