25 Facts About Moi..

Today is a good day and I’m feeling very motivated and positive (despite being so cold that I can’t actually feel my nose anymore.. ow) But, yes even still I feel extremely content that I haven’t spent the day lazing around and what not, I’ve actually been rather productive, so much it feels about six in the evening rather than one in the afternoon..

I thought I’d try doing something a little bit different, I’m not really stuck on what to write actually however I’m somewhat frustrated in the sense I feel my blog has no structure or flows in any particular direction. Don’t get me wrong I do know this doesn’t always have to be the case – obviously you can write whatever the hell you want! However that does somehow reach you to dead ends.

So I thought I’d let you have a little more of an insight of me, in good terms of course, enjoy!20140111-030705 pm.jpg

1. Unlike most people I really like my full name (Go mumma!) I don’t know why, but if people ask what do you like most about yourself I like to say my name – no one ever says that.

2. I’m the worlds biggest morning person, I love getting up early, which you can guess annoys practically everyone!

3. I’m a hugeee coffee addict…

4. I prefer to be organized, it makes me feel a lot clearer in my head, if not I just loose the will the live.

5. I love to paint and I also taught myself to paint (a paint brush used to be a foreign language to me I swear!)20140111-031241 pm.jpg


6. I’m super conscious about smelling bad, so I have so many room sprays and perfumes it’s unbelievable. My favorites are Angel and Burberry – Brit. I literally live in these 24/7, mmm.

7. Like most I’m quite a different person once you’ve gotten to know me, I’m actually really out going but also a moody mare, keep that in mind.

8. I love the sun and bright weather more than anything, I have SAD (seasonal effective disorder) the light in the winter instantly messes with the chemicals in my brain – so summer make a huge difference to my mood, outlook, and thought process. Or just give me a cocktail on a Hawaiian beach and that will be spot on.. Haha.

9. I desperately want a hamster. (I’ll protest until I can get one!!!!) However I do adore my bunny Cheeky.

20140111-031040 pm.jpg

10. I love to run.

11. Shopping is my weakness…….So is Matt Smith… Oppss.

12. My little sister is the one person I would do anything for. If she needs me I’m there, whenever it may be. She fills be with so much hope and joy every day.


13. I love socializing and my own company, I believe they’re both beneficial.

14. I have a slight obsession with Swizzels Love Heart sweets. ( So much I bought a phone case design, and 100 packets…)

15. Writing is my biggest passion – whenever I feel alone, I just turn to my notebook or laptop and write away. I feel as if through many struggles it’s the one thing I’ve always turned to.20140111-031407-pm.jpg

16. I’m actually a really confident person at the right times


I want to learn to be happy with myself. This is wonderful.

20140111-030807 pm.jpg

(well, trying to be.. haha) – over the past few years, despite recent battles, I have grown into a stronger person and I think it’s hitting the point of feeling fear yet still doing it anyway.

17. I adore slipper socks. So much I once told everyone all I wanted for Christmas was slipper socks, guess what I got.

.18. I’m scared of having my hair cut – yes I’m genuinely scared of hair dressing scissors coming anywhere near my head. Thank god my mum was a hair dresser, no one else has a chance.

19. I have so man y long distance friendships, that mean the world to me, and I wish I could see them everyday.


This is my best Scottie friend Lisa. I adore her.I hate distance. I wish It was this easy, haha.


Kamara is like the big sister I’ve never had – she drew this containing all of our favorite things. I shall always love it.

20. I’m a huge girl when it comes to benefit make-up ah.

21. I like getting negative and critical feed back just as much as positive, I feel it to be a whole lot more beneficial. You can challenge yourself more.

22. Jamie McGuire, Dan Wells, John Green, and Jacqueline Wilson are my favorite authors.

23. I only trust one person.

24. I really have taken a crazy liking to onesies. Opps.


I know own three… opps

25. I want to travel.

There you go a tiny bit about myself, I do apologies for not being the world most exciting person, haha. I do try though 😉

I don;t know if anyone prefers these types of posts, lifestyle – or if you prefer the thoughts and writing. I think I like both. What would you like to see more of? Or any ideas you’d maybe like me to have a pop at, don’t be afraid to say.

Speak soon,



2 thoughts on “25 Facts About Moi..

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