A New Start? You tell me..

Good morning, afternoon, or evening fellow reader whatever it may appear to be.

Before I start I would just like to warn you I am actually finding it incredibly hard to type this right now because my long Christmas claws have now developed into even longer Christmas claws – opppss. So, that’s my first goal for next year sorted! – DO NOT get nails this long again, it leads to a writers disaster, haha.

Yeah, Christmas has now come and passed 😦 I’m feeling slightly puzzled into where I am at lately also, I think this time of year does that very cleverly. It throws you, I don’t even know what day it is!

Anyway we know what this calls for, roll on New Year!!! As much as I love the Christmas spirit and festiveness, I always feel before you know it you are already transporting into the “New Year feel”. It’s just as wonderful, yet feels so different, don’t you think? But because of this we obviously experience every human being transforming into some inspirational alien claiming they’re going to “change” or “have a new start”. Then within 2 weeks of the dreary January they’re back to there old ways, like the whole New Year period hadn’t even been witnessed.

Another concept of the whole “New start/resolutions” business that humors me is that people feel the need to give up whatever that is destroying them or claim to approach positivity at this specific time. Like why not at the moment in which it is bothering you? Why not right now. Why the hell wait for the hand on the clock to hit 12 for your “New Start” – because really that’s the indication you really don’t want to change at all. Bizarre.

Despite my complete hatred to the whole idea of a new year being a new start – I have surprisingly set some “realistic goals” I’d at least like to attempt throughout the wonders of 2014.

– I’d like to blog more to begin with and plan it properly (sometimes ;-)) – because I do enjoy living in spontaneity because you seem to write from the heart however life being life causes you to fall behind when you rely on motivation.

-I’d like to focus on writing a hell of a lot more. The past few months have made me realize how much I’ve actually fallen behind.

-I want to do something massive that I completely fear, and I know this is completely contradicting everything I have just told you all as probably half of the population use this one. It’s open and has no setting goal, I know, however I do know something else. 2014 is going to hold a lot of changes, new experiences and things – so I already have a hint in that I am going to be completely some extremely fearful things.

So, here is to another year, who knows maybe I’ll change half way through the year, or make some great discovery. I vow to a new day, not a new year. If something bothers you – act now, because you don’t have the time to wait for 2015. Haha.

Speak soon,



7 thoughts on “A New Start? You tell me..

  1. Merry late Christmas! I agree with what you write about New’s Years being a temporary resolution. It’s interesting to look at how people set such amazing goals but then don’t work to achieve them. Why don’t you try a 30-day project, where you blog daily? I’m 29 days into my 365 project and it’s been a load of fun so far! Anyways, happy blogging! Cheers to the New Years!

    Eric Albee

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