All the small things..

Okay, so this is a completely spontaneous (actually haven’t got a clue..) post. I’m in one of them weird a wonderful moods where I just feel like I need to express any form of thought flowing through my mind. I have the lovely Amy Macdonald playing in the background and a freshly brewed cup of tea – that I seem to be staring at, maybe oping from somewhere deep within my winter mug I discover some inspiration.

I seem to have reached a funny kind of obstacle in the sense I feel neither happy or sad tonight – I feel content however the freezing chill apparent in my toes and fingers and the dreary, dreadful sound of the wind and rain outside of my window seems to be bringing that dark and dull cloud over my head. I’ve been thinking (ey, don’t be too shocked ;-)) – and I asked myself the question “What has really made me happy or the cause of a smile upon my face already this week?”. So of course, I’ve done what I do best, what keeps me sane – I made a list.

  • Monday mornings – yep everyone hates them! Well this Monday I was surprisingly in an extremely positive mood.
  • I found a love and inspiration from a new Katy Perry song – “Choose your battles”. It isn’t often I find a songs lyrics that really touch me or a song from Katy Perry, haha.
  • It’s such a small gesture but a older lady, who very much reminded me of my Nana allowed me to go before her in the shop. I was only buying a bottle of water and she was topping up her electric bill and claimed “I’d be waiting forever”. Then we had a little chat, so we were both behind but she put the biggest smile on my face.
  • I cuddled up with my mum and decided to watch mama, okay It was slightly disappointing in the lack of horror, however I felt the ending completely made up for it and it gave me a pleasant surprise. I would recommenced!
  • It’s my birthday on Friday!!!!!! And of course Christmas is on it’s way!

If I recall tiny gestures over the previous few days, it tends to help that you are a lot happier than you realize a lot of the time. Even something as simple as having a friendly chat with a stranger. I think there is something beautiful in the sense, you can get to know whoever you like really, but the complete mystery of who they are is something you are ready to discover.

Lets get excited for Christmas now!!! Wahey!!

Speak soon,



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