“I have a theory..”

..and overwhelmed with thought.

Have a little bit of my writing, part of a new character maybe, I’m not sure…

The air is crisp today with the sense of chill hovering. What completes this is the sky, the sharpness, the clearness within it. It’s beautiful, making me content. I find it bizarre; with a breath of something so hopeful – it silences the bad. Despite the temporality of it, I come to realise something. That along the lines of medication, treatments, and therapy – which may I add is handed to is on a silver platter- we forget something.

We forget the natural remedies. The long, crisp, morning strolls that restore your whole outlook on the day ahead, or the self belief and pleasure when giving a loved one something for them to remember their speciality.

The light of the sun – it holds never ending possibilities and positivity.

And, yes, okay these pleasures of life don’t always stick around for long. They are temporary.

Temporary , a fearful word may I add however it created my theory. When the sparks of electricity were bouncing around my head widely in thought. My theory is;

“If all our so-called natural pleasures are temporary, why do we refuse to accept that pain, fear, and suffering isn’t planning on sticking around either”

I aspire to teach people this – sadness is temporary.

See within my theory- I hit another realisation in that the reason we fail to keep touch of happiness and pleasures is simply because of our fear and failing of acceptance. The mind will accept pain naturally and it saddens me this is what we believe we deserve.

And if happiness appears, just the slightest bit – the mind resorts to extreme panic!

“I can’t be happy!”
“That isn’t normal”

I’ve found and learnt to subject ourselves away from believing we are destined to live in negativity – we don’t accept the bad days but we accept the good.

And, how do you know that you’ve accepted it?
(I know what’s going through your head ;-))

Well it all comes back to my theory because you can finally sit back on your bad day, mood, week and actually realise it isn’t staying- it will soon bugger off.

Speak soon, (I have some si-fi surprises on the way ;-),

♡ Holl ♡


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