Blogging my life away (Once again…) –

I’m back.. finally!

Ah and it feels great to be writing and blogging my life away once again. I want to begin with the biggest (soppiest) apology known to man. I’m not usually one for leaving with no explanation, so I hear I am feeling extremely guilty. However I plan to turn my awful attempt at blogging into somewhat something to keep me on my toes (and to make up the fact I vanished for a month…)

I have a plan to complete you with my wonderful thoughts at least 5 times a week- aren’t you lucky! Okay so maybe five is pushing it, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

On that note it’s Thursday, travel Thursday, I shall give you the inside scoop on what I have been up to.

Through the wonders of October obviously the weather has decided that dropping extremely quickly is it’s plan- I have failed to adjust. My family being my family decided to book a very (by very I mean just a day before) last minute holiday to Ibiza. It’s was unbelievably amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so full of adrenaline and relaxed at the same time in my life, and it’s quick decisions to get away to a place like that, that make me realize how much I want to travel.

ImageDespite absolutely loving letting go and living the life over there, the scenery was surprisingly to my complete satisfaction. I headed for a long walk along the bay one day, as sitting on my bum all day was causing my anxiety levels to raise to the roof – opps! I felt so content. Image

ImageAlong with that, The world is a beautiful place, I caught the last of a sunset. Finally- ImageThe holiday provided me with a sincere reload of positivity and the need to achieve everything I want in life. The world is a beautiful place, and as human because of so many cliche’s we forget to just stop for a second and find a quiet place, a peaceful place.

Anyway back to the dreaded cold now, and rain, and wind, and exams, and… life. Great. And don’t worry throughout my holiday, I wrote loads, so be expecting the full blow 😉

A positive note though, Christmas soon, I adore Christmas so be expecting lots of cosy winter stories and posts. Plus, a cheeky haul next week, shopping is called for!

Speak to you all soon,



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