The start of Si-fi..

I’ve stepped out my comfort zone, and decided to write something slightly different. I do enjoy my blog, articles, and thoughts however I have the biggest passion for fiction (I’m secretly a romance lover, not even sorry) I tend to write lots of drama related stories. I do however love horror, thrillers and si-fi but have never attempted in writing anything – but here is a go..


Being told you have exactly 5 days left on this “precious” planet would overwhelm and terrify the majority of human beings. It has been doing for the past 1000 years however I feel differently towards the matter. It only fascinates me that my life is coming towards its end and I have seconds ticking by like a substitute for a countdown. We don’t determine when our end falls upon us; we never have and never will. I have realized that really, that just makes us the most powerless race of all.

It’s the year 5020 and the human race is slowly but surely dying out, or being killed off. I don’t actually see the difference. Ravens a mystical and overpowering species, began taking over back in 4020 when their planet was supposedly destroyed. Now their power in fact is forever growing. The species driven by the great leader Amaranth thought he would just give humans the boot and a villain being a villain had to proceed in the most heart wrenching, painful way humanly possible (No pun intended).

They’re a rare species. Humans in fact, a long time ago, debated if they even existed. It was all just a tremendous theory that soon changed. It’s rather ironic really because visually they are extremely similar however they hold extremes amount of beauty and I don’t think anyone ever expected that- hence the hatred. We are the jealous race after all.  Every single one of them is created and groomed to entire perfection, like clones, holding not on single fault. The females all completed with long, toned legs and beaming smile to project their gleaming pearly whites, and the male muscles bulging from their ever so tight-shirts and not a single hair on their head appearing to be out of place. They all make it seem so effortless. I sometimes wonder how boring their lives must seem, a clone of each other holding everything but individuality. That’s why I finally understand the importance of the ever so cliché saying – “Be who you are everyone else is already taken”.

 Either way, I guess they can do whatever they like, at least I’ve always understood that. Everyone human left drones on about how we should attempt in fighting back, when will they realise we are never going to be as strong as them? The fact we still think we have any chance left just make us seem brainless. They want our planet they’re taking it, we die, get over it. So what! They’ll remove a whole species in the process in getting what they want. Whatever could be wrong with that? Pretty courageous in my opinion, dear god help me if my mum heard me repeat that. I do believe though they will always have something that us human don’t hold; the loyalty to each other.

 I’m one of the lucky few still “having the privilege,” my mum would say to be living. She is in some sense forcing me to enjoy every breath I have left to experience. I don’t actually feel alive though, I feel like a prisoner in my own home and I’d rather be dead.  

When I was younger I appeared to be your average, normal little girl. With the long, blonde, thick braid sculpted down my spine and my huge, brown, heart-warming eyes melting people at the core. I was always happy. In fact everyone in my family was always happy; I used to see my parents as that perfect couple and I used to pray that one day I could manage to feel a love like theirs. We were a perfect family – the family people would envy. These dreams were only due to having no knowledge in what live was really like. I can’t blame my mum for keeping all the darkness hidden away from me and my older brother Blake, she wanted us to have a childhood at least, and I have always understood that. She never held one herself, her parents both died when she was only 2 years old; even know I can still see the sadness eating away at her. It has never come to be beneficial though, the secrets, as the death of Blake was my first encounter and it shot me down like a tonne of bricks.

Blake had always been my best friend as well as my brother for as long as I could remember. The times we would spend together are engraved in my memory and it’s the only thing left inside of me which holds any emotion or feeling at all. Lately I focus on just blocking it out completely.

I only held that life changing piece of formal paper in my hand two days ago, words ever so peacefully floating around on the white sheet in front of me “Polly Whitfield you have now been selected- 18th November 5019- Is to be the date of your end,” I like how original they are in highlighting my date in bold; like I was going to forget. My beautiful, strong mother was beside me filling with vulnerability and despair as she knew the meaning behind my silence. In that moment, I can admit, anxieties flew around my mind but not for me; for her. We had lost dad 2 years ago on the 4th February, it quite literally nearly killed her, I was all she had left and now I was to be gone too. I bet that’s the logic of The Ravens – “Kill off the whole family and leave the last to fall into a depression of sorrow and guilt”. 

Other than my mother, the letter carefully scripted didn’t seem to faze me. I’d like to inform the “Great Amaranth” of this before they determine the proceedings of my death. I want him to wallow on the fact his tactics have finally failed and maybe then he’d give me a death to remember. Not like old Mr. Fulton’s death, not to be disrespectful but they just burned him in sulphuric acid, bit boring don’t you think? 

I want a phenomenal death. That date isn’t just granted on me for nothing. I actually feel rather special; I know the date of my own death and I’m not even dead yet.

It could or couldn’t go somewhere but we shall soon see, and obviously there shall be some complicated, romance buried in there, why not! Also, I have fallen in love with Polly already, she is very much like myself as a character. I hope you become to love her too.

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Speak soon,

♡ Holl ♡


“I have a theory..”

..and overwhelmed with thought.

Have a little bit of my writing, part of a new character maybe, I’m not sure…

The air is crisp today with the sense of chill hovering. What completes this is the sky, the sharpness, the clearness within it. It’s beautiful, making me content. I find it bizarre; with a breath of something so hopeful – it silences the bad. Despite the temporality of it, I come to realise something. That along the lines of medication, treatments, and therapy – which may I add is handed to is on a silver platter- we forget something.

We forget the natural remedies. The long, crisp, morning strolls that restore your whole outlook on the day ahead, or the self belief and pleasure when giving a loved one something for them to remember their speciality.

The light of the sun – it holds never ending possibilities and positivity.

And, yes, okay these pleasures of life don’t always stick around for long. They are temporary.

Temporary , a fearful word may I add however it created my theory. When the sparks of electricity were bouncing around my head widely in thought. My theory is;

“If all our so-called natural pleasures are temporary, why do we refuse to accept that pain, fear, and suffering isn’t planning on sticking around either”

I aspire to teach people this – sadness is temporary.

See within my theory- I hit another realisation in that the reason we fail to keep touch of happiness and pleasures is simply because of our fear and failing of acceptance. The mind will accept pain naturally and it saddens me this is what we believe we deserve.

And if happiness appears, just the slightest bit – the mind resorts to extreme panic!

“I can’t be happy!”
“That isn’t normal”

I’ve found and learnt to subject ourselves away from believing we are destined to live in negativity – we don’t accept the bad days but we accept the good.

And, how do you know that you’ve accepted it?
(I know what’s going through your head ;-))

Well it all comes back to my theory because you can finally sit back on your bad day, mood, week and actually realise it isn’t staying- it will soon bugger off.

Speak soon, (I have some si-fi surprises on the way ;-),

♡ Holl ♡

Blogging my life away (Once again…) –

I’m back.. finally!

Ah and it feels great to be writing and blogging my life away once again. I want to begin with the biggest (soppiest) apology known to man. I’m not usually one for leaving with no explanation, so I hear I am feeling extremely guilty. However I plan to turn my awful attempt at blogging into somewhat something to keep me on my toes (and to make up the fact I vanished for a month…)

I have a plan to complete you with my wonderful thoughts at least 5 times a week- aren’t you lucky! Okay so maybe five is pushing it, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

On that note it’s Thursday, travel Thursday, I shall give you the inside scoop on what I have been up to.

Through the wonders of October obviously the weather has decided that dropping extremely quickly is it’s plan- I have failed to adjust. My family being my family decided to book a very (by very I mean just a day before) last minute holiday to Ibiza. It’s was unbelievably amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so full of adrenaline and relaxed at the same time in my life, and it’s quick decisions to get away to a place like that, that make me realize how much I want to travel.

ImageDespite absolutely loving letting go and living the life over there, the scenery was surprisingly to my complete satisfaction. I headed for a long walk along the bay one day, as sitting on my bum all day was causing my anxiety levels to raise to the roof – opps! I felt so content. Image

ImageAlong with that, The world is a beautiful place, I caught the last of a sunset. Finally- ImageThe holiday provided me with a sincere reload of positivity and the need to achieve everything I want in life. The world is a beautiful place, and as human because of so many cliche’s we forget to just stop for a second and find a quiet place, a peaceful place.

Anyway back to the dreaded cold now, and rain, and wind, and exams, and… life. Great. And don’t worry throughout my holiday, I wrote loads, so be expecting the full blow 😉

A positive note though, Christmas soon, I adore Christmas so be expecting lots of cosy winter stories and posts. Plus, a cheeky haul next week, shopping is called for!

Speak to you all soon,