“Stop the lazy Sunday’s”-

Get up and moving!

I miss the times when you could find yourself running through the wind without a care in the world, or climbing a tree without knowing the negative possibilities of falling. I miss being able to fall, (not taking in account I’m the world’s biggest drama queen) and being able to bounce back up. We all miss the days where being outside was practically home, and nature was our best friend. Image

Today I headed back to that home. I decided that sitting around achieving absolutely nothing with my day was something I was sick to death of. So, I took a morning and headed to the forest.

Image It felt so refreshing just to be doing something other than slouching around my bedroom, or contemplating whether to or not get work done. As I know it’s what we tend to achieve on Sunday’s.


We headed off early morning, a slight chill in the air but somehow warming. We walked for miles, and what’s going to the forest without blackberry picking? There were so many, I was shocked! They soon turned into a yummy crumble on the landing to home 😉Image

It seemed so beautiful, and I felt as a human I don’t seem to appreciate tiny little aspects enough. But, who does? Although you’d be extremely surprised how much inspiration I took from my little outing. The atmosphere somehow cleared my writers block, to some extent, I could feel a new world unraveling in my head (But that’s for another story ;-)) I’d love to spend forever writing there. So, there’s a tip for you, writers block? Just head to a forest. Haha.20131006-092052 pm.jpg

I just really felt content and in some sense free. I’ll always be a city girl at heart, but don’t worry, when I’m rich and famous I can aspire to have homes all over the place… And you can always visit.

Ps. What’s your happy place? How do you clear a muggy head from time to time? I’d love to know.

Speak soon,



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