“I’m a failure, I should give up” –

No! No! No! No! No! You’re wrong.

I’ve never understood why so many people exclaim “learn from your mistakes”.  I found it some what cringe worthy. In fact it seems the saying/s tended to just straight out frustrate me.  I’d wonder why you were meant to feel “hope” from a failure you had managed to make. Isn’t it obvious that you should feel like the end of the world is happening, or there is nothing left you could possibly do. Isn’t that the point of failure?  Well, it’s what humans do and if you hadn’t established already, humans are ridiculous.

I struggle with failure and mistakes I’ll admit, but until the other day I didn’t seem to see that it doesn’t actually mean the end.

“I’ve ruined it, I’ve messed everything up, I’m going to fail” just two days ago I found myself blabbering and sobbing to my English teacher. She squeezed me tightly before repetitively calming me down.

I’d done one thing wrong. Just one thing. Messed a tiny thing up but I created a whirlwind in my mind and she knew. She knew how much I was increasingly rushing the negative thoughts around and around in my confused head. Deep down, I knew it was small, but I convinced myself I wasn’t out to be a writer.

I was a failure.

However, something changed in that moment, she convinced me otherwise. Instead of it being the end, she made be realize it was actually my chance to retry, just a little more wisely. “You know where you’ve gone wrong don’t you? Exactly you won’t do it again” And that’s how I knew.

“If anyone has that something, I know it’s you”

“You’ve got to get that F*** it attitude back”

“I believe you can write, and you can”

And these gave me hope. That hope. She made me believe in myself again, and that giving up wasn’t even an option. She made believe for the first time in my lifetime that I actually have a chance in perusing the things I want. And why? because she believes in me.

I guess all it takes is just one person to reassure you and persuade you to believe that you can achieve what you aspire.

Failure is so easy and giving up is easier however if everyone gave up at the first sign of high drop, where the hell would be as a planet? Probably all still living like monkeys, (or all like the male species ;-))


So, when things get a little tough, or you make a tiny mistake. Don’t let it knock you over, or if you do? Get back up again.

Yeah, so you’ve had a trip from inspirational, soppy, positive Hollie and on that note I need a long bath. Oh the joys of winter.

Speak soon,



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