“5 Signs You’re A Shopping Addict” –

Shopping problems? Indeed!

Hello fellow shopper, I assume you’re here because the word ‘shopping’ has instantly attracted you without a single consideration of the content of the post. Of course you are! Well, you’re at the right placeImage, you most certainly are. Now stop popping them beautiful new items in your online basket, and take a minute to see; “5 signs you’re a shopping addict”, enjoy!

1.” I need this……” Yes that’s right. It’s never “I want” anymore. I’m the worst for this, and you are 100% shopping addict if you find yourself in the need zone. If there becomes a very fine line between need and want, so much that every beautiful item around you becomes one of your daily essentials, then basically there is no going back. Sorry!

2.”A shop isn’t just a place anymore.. it’s home” If you feel safer next to a £100 drop-dead gorgeous winter coat, or more so standing in a cramped dressing room trying that beautiful coat on, then you’ve got a shopping problem. That shop, your favorite shop is the place you need to spend your time, or you don’t quite feel sane, makes you rather insane. Oppps.

3.”I’m sad… I need new things” It’s like your drug. You need it to survive. Which from the normal, non-shoppers world sounds complete bonkers (It’s an addiction, I’m sorry! Maybe…) But, you see whereas the “normal” person may need a hug, a good laugh, a drink, well we in the “shopping world” need things. New things. From fancy gadgets to new 100% needed winter boots.

4. “Mine finally!” That feeling, that wonderful feeling of finally having that shopping bag placed into your anticipating hands. Knowing that you’ve just purchased that elegant top you’ve been needing for months, it’s finally yours. You know it’ll look wonderful. You know what you’ll wear it with. You know what you’ll where it for. It’s finally yours!

5. And of course the biggest habit of mine – After a shop “I’m happy now. Got eveeeerything I need, I won’t buy any new, not needed things for at least a month” A day after the shop “I really need this, but I just, but I need. Damn, I do need it, I’ll buy it…” If there was a description for hollijess in the dictionary, this would be it. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person on the planet who finds themselves constantly thinking such thoughts after a wonderful shopping trip. Then I realize I most probably am. Do I care? Nope 😉

There you go! 5 of my shopping problems, and signs that may suggest the addiction is contagious. If you can relate to all 5, I would suggest you take a tiny break from shopping or see a doctor.. Oh who am I kidding! Never stop.

Ps. After that you probably think I am a complete nutter straight from the loony bin, so prove I’m not alone, share with me some of your Shopping Problems. I’d love to know!

Speak soon,

♡ Holl ♡


2 thoughts on ““5 Signs You’re A Shopping Addict” –

  1. I’m a man and a father and I believe I am popular culture’s least recognizable shopping addict. When fall comes around, I simply feel the need to buy certain things in order to feel normal. Does that make me a dupe or does it really make me normal?

    • I sometimes believe we are all very ‘persuaded’ into what we should buy, more so around these seasons. It’s very easy to be trapped into following what the rest of the world follows. However, if you enjoy to shop, have no shame! That’s what I say.

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