Don’t fear the “Future” is here –

What future?

It’s been a disaster of a day and I’m currently sat here, fingers at the ready trying to portray and type anything considered possibly ‘good’. Trying to think ahead, the future, into what will for fill your needs fellow reader. Taking that into account, there is an obvious topic springing at the seams; the future. Image

Over the past few days, it’s been hectic, and the future seems to be appearing right in my face more and more and more. For myself and many many others, the future is one of the scariest things to consider. What’s going to happen? How do I do this? Where will I end up? Will I live up to my expectations? I wish I new the answers. It’s scary (Okay, it’s terrifying) but of course creates masses of eagerness. So, taking them two very extreme feelings into account, I’ve decided that with my massively busy Tuesday night I’ll give you a few of my most interesting pointers off my bucket list 😉

1. Travel –  I want to travel as many possible places as I can, Australia, New York (cliche I know!), China, Hawaii, London, Italy etc. So many places because you see as I sit here staring into complete oblivion outside into the darkness my bedroom window holds, I’m amazed. There is a whole entire world out there with, people to meet and experiences to have. I want so much more than whats just outside “the bedroom window”.

2. –  Jump out of a plane – This one may be a little out of the achievable zone for me… as I am stupidly scared of heights. However, I want to do something I’m scared of. Maybe one day, in the ‘spur of the moment’ kind of way… yeah.. probably not. Haha.

3. Eat the worlds hottest curry – I am a spicy food, curry lover! To the max!

4. Make a cheesecake – I will achieve this without fail one day! I will!

5. Buy a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes- in other words, make that much money that I can buy a ridiculously pair of shoes.

6. Try a sprout – There’s a great one for you 😉 I’ve never even considered trying a sprout.. They scare me.. Opps.

7. Actually achieve a ‘Day full of films’ – I constantly say “I’m going to be lazy and watch films all day!” but no, never completed the task. Not. Once. So, one day I shall sprawl out on the sofa, and I shall watch about 10 different films with no breaks

So, there you go, a few of the things I want to do before I die. The future, something that is starting to drive me mentally insane but my advice to you, is stick with it. Don’t just give up because something scares you or you chose that you’re going to fail because, yes, you could be an absoluter idiot and fail everything. But who knows we all surprise ourselves you could be the next Jamie Oliver or John Lennon. No, I lie no one compares to John Lennon.

Ps. Tell me what your ultimate silly ‘bucket list dreams’ are, a bit of positivity costs nothing!

Speak soon,

♡ Holl ♡


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