Good-Bye Summer –

Hello Autumn!

The big, fluffy coats and the winter boots have soon decide it’s their time to make an appearance out of my wardrobe and slowly but surely tuck away the pretty summer shorts and sandals. However, I’m not looking forward to it one bit, the cold, and the snow isn’t something I’ll ever enjoy, apologies to all you winter lovers.

Now, if you are anything like me, you’ll agree that the cold, bitter weather isn’t something you’ll be jumping for joy for. Wow, that’s a tongue twister.

Anyhow, every single year I repeatedly find myself in complete and utter dread of the dark night’s drawing in and the freezing days taking all the blood from my fingers, so this year I decided it’s time to change. I’m actually going to attempt to have a positive outlook on the Autumn/Winter seasons in hope I can spread the positivity to all other grumpy sods like me. I’m going to give you a survival guide to “The Dreadful Cold Stupid Weather”…Wish me luck.


So,  I’ve made a list of my favourite things about Autumn and Winter and my favorite things in September so far, in hope they will show that this season may not be as bad after all.

1. Tea!

Tea of course is the main essential for winter (Other than of course hot chocolate..With marshmallows.. And lots of cream..Mmm) however, if you know me you’ll know how much of a health freak I am. So I have the perfect Autumn/Winter drinks to satisfy my needs 24/7, Twinings!

ImageI would most certainly recommend, if you haven’t tried these beauties, then you my friend are most certainly missing out! In fact go to the shop right now and buy them, now!

2. Candles


Winter + Candles = A very happy Hollie, with a dash of complete perfection. Winter and candles couldn’t bring me much more joy. The settlement in relaxing with your favourite book, Twinnings, and lots of pretty, gorgeous smelling candles just isn’t the same in summer, sorry!

3. Shopping

Nothing, and I mean nothing in the entire world make me more happy than shopping. To be precise, Christmas Shopping! (See, I’m not a complete baa-humbug ;-)) The buzz and joy I get from walking into a massive shopping center as the run up towards Christmas approaches is unbelievable. The massive, incredibly decorated Christmas Tree’s and the pretty, over sparkling lights to be seen from every corner. The small cafes packed from overwhelmed shoppers craving from a creamy hot chocolate topped with a thousand marshmallows, diets? What are they?! Everyone rushing around, Families, Couples, Excited Kiddies, Mothers, Fathers all enjoying the Christmas joy., or just stressed to hell but you get my point.. Christmas Shopping is like an addiction to me, and many others.

So recently, my shopping instincts have sparked up incredibly (Oh, yes Hollie, it’s cold, “New clothes, New clothes, NEW CLOTHES!”) And, of course, I gave in.

Black skinny jeans are of course an essential through winter for myself, as I kind of live in black a little too much.. So, I recently headed to river island and bought a lovely pair for only £30! And of course what’s winter without a new jumper, so I went extremely out my comfort zone and bought a bright peach jumper for only £25. And that was the first winter outfit in the bag, and obviously many, many more to come.


So, when you’re sat there thinking the hibernating is the only option left to Winter, just remember you aren’t the only one…Haha. Actually remember that there are positives, and this year I really am going to try and embrace the “Wintery” weather. I hope.

Also, let me know your winter essentials I’m curious!

See you soon,

♡ Holl ♡


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