“Beginner’s Luck” –

Yes please!

I’d appreciate a whole lot of beginners luck at this minute, as I have never been the best at beginnings and never had much luck in the area. Whether it be a novel to a simple hello (and the fact it takes me around 100 tries to complete both) I never seem to get it quite right.

So, I guess, firstly I’ll start by saying what a privilege it is to meet you whoever you may be and fellow reader how wonderful it is that you have chosen to come along to my blog. I’m new to this and so are you, so be nice, okay? 😉

Secondly, my name’s Hollie, but I know you’ve figured that one. I live in a silly, boring town that even if I attempted to describe it to you, you could fall asleep standing. And that is why I prefer fantasy, so lets pretend I live on a warm beach with millions of pounds, deal? 

Now that awful, dreadful beginning is out of the way, I consider us friends, right? So, I want to fill you in on what ‘hollijess‘ is out to achieve and why you should stick around!


I love to communicate, I love meeting new people and I love to share and relate to the thoughts of the world around me. Who doesn’t? I want to portray a lot of this through my blog. I want to share thoughts, and travel through parts of my life with you, and to be able to meet lots of wonderful new people along the way.

If you do happen to know me, you will know how much I adore to write.

Now as a writer I would like to believe running a blog/journal may develop and help me in the writing/journalism area. I aspire it to progress me into something, and of course when writing, the opinion of the rest of the world is vital!!!

I would like to try and post as much as I can from day-to-day journals, reviews, travel, photography, music, and often pieces of my own short stories (if you’re lucky…) I’d also hope to inspire some of you with possible future posts. I’ll strive to think of the most different and original ideas I can, pinky promise!

Now, I know this hasn’t been the most interesting way to begin but even all beginnings end, so now I can sit back and relax.. Well actually that’s you. As now if you have made it to the end, you should stick around, and wait for me to for fill you with la-la-land. And If so, fill me in on your make believe la-la-lands, if you could go anywhere, make believe or around the big bad wonderful world where would you dare to explore?

I’d love to know!

See you soon,

♡ Holl ♡


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